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Education: How current research informs practice - Essay Example

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It is important to research on the behavioural problems of dyslexic students in order to establish if they have biological origins and can be treated or are the result of the sense of helplessness that is usually experienced by most dyslexic students. …
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Education: How current research informs practice
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Download file to see previous pages Dyslexia is usually misunderstood by a dyslexic person’s friends, teachers, and sometimes even family. Uninformed people can dismiss a dyslexic student as being unintelligent or even demented in some way. This can result in seriously affecting the dyslexic student’s life and do even more harm on an intellectual capacity as the person starts to believe what others say about him or her. This, no doubt, must have occurred many times in the past when dyslexia had not been ‘discovered’ or counted as a learning disability that was not symbolic of being simple-minded. Studies on dyslexia ought to be an essential part of the curriculum in the teacher’s graduate studies in order to increase awareness on this disability. Dyslexia is a word that is usually misunderstood. The word itself has different parts- ‘dys’ essentially means ‘difficult’, while ‘lexia’ refers to language or words. Basically, the word ‘dyslexia’ literarily means ‘having trouble with words’. In spite of the different ways in which different people interpret the word dyslexia, medical experts and researchers still use the word to describe a specific type of reading disability. One of the misinterpretations of what dyslexia stands for is that it makes students experience word reversals whenever they start reading. While this characteristic is one of the many that are experienced by dyslexics, it is not the only one. Essentially, reading words backwards and writing are common issues that are experienced by almost all children when they first start learning how to read and write. As such, these qualities cannot be used to clarify dyslexia in young learners (Pollak, 2005). Dyslexia is a definite learning disability that has a neurobiological source. It is distinguished by difficulties with correct word recognition in school work, poor decoding abilities, and bad spelling. These problems result from a discrepancy in the phonological part of language which is usually unexpected in comparison to other cognitive abilities. Researchers have in the recent past used numerous methods and evaluating instruments to disprove or prove that dyslexia has a genetic source. These methods have included computerised axial tomography (CAT) scans conducted on dyslexic people, autopsies conducted on deceased dyslexics, to advanced technological tools such as the, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), magnetic resonance imaging, single photon emission computerised tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography (PET). Even though researchers still do not agree on the causes of dyslexia, there all concur on the fact that the brain’s of normal people differ from those of people suffering from dyslexia. It has been established that dyslexic people actually have less grey matter than non-dyslexic individuals in the left parietotemporal area of the brain. Research has also been established that normal people have more white matter in this same area than dyslexic people do. This is significant as more white matter is thought to be connected with increased reading abilities. Thus, having less white matter could reduce the dyslexic person’s ability to read efficiently. It may also affect the capacity of dyslexic person’s brain regions to communicate with each other. Dyslexia, though a disorder that is not curable and can be quite severe, is not a condition that results from poor teaching. It is distinguished by differences in cognitive and neurological processes. It is estimated that dyslexia affects 1 in 10 learners in the world’s student population (Ferrer, Shaywitz, Holahan, Marchione and Shaywitz, 2010). Dyslexic students usually exhibit two problems when engaged in reading exercises. They are unable to read many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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