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Education, Globalization, And Social Change - Research Paper Example

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As of present, specific standards have developed with the goal of raising the bar for the education of all the children. The paper "Education, Globalization, And Social Change" discusses the assessment of learning as a crucial task that entails both the teaching and learning fraternity…
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Education, Globalization, And Social Change
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Extract of sample "Education, Globalization, And Social Change"

Download file to see previous pages Equity and excellence are coincident and should be part of one educational agenda rather than being considered to be of different pursuits (Assessment Reform Group, 2006).
Another factor that shapes educational assessment is increased public demand for accountability, which should be observed every day in multiple forms especially, in the media, public and political discussions about the need to improve the educational system (Assessment Reform Group, 2006). The focus on the value-added approaches to the evaluation of programs, schools, and quality of teachers is inclusive in the assessment on the community as an obvious manifestation of demand for accountability. In essence, the use of value-added approach as a way to access how systems are doing and holding entities accountable has become subject to discussion among people, politicians and education professionals (Atkinson and Claxton 2000). This ensures that almost all states have compulsory achievement tests, which are placed at multiple grade levels in the post of the subjects and are required to have such tests under current legislation with regard to the state in, which the education system is being practiced (Barnes 2010). In the United Kingdom, for instance, the incidence of children with autism has significantly increased over the past decade and recent prevalence has estimated that approximately one percent of the population is affected, with various reports indicating the estimation of an increase of the autism in different parts of the United Kingdom(Atkinson and Claxton 2000). However, autism is no longer viewed as a rare disorder but has made bigger the needs of education to the children and young people in reference to their areas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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