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Globlization - Essay Example

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Impact of Globalization on the Management of Education System Name: University Abstract Globalization has a profound impact on people’s everyday lives. It has allowed the movement of people across boundaries something that was not always the case. The education in Saudi Arabia has not been left out…
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Extract of sample "Globlization"

Download file to see previous pages Introduction In order to understand this topic, this article will start by defining the key concepts that are involved. One of these concepts is the term globalization. According to Harvard Professors Robert Keohane and Joseph Nye, understanding this term requires one to grasp another important term known as globalism (Bauman, 1998). Globalism is seen as a state of the world networks involving interdependence of multi-continental distances (Bisley, 2007). This interconnection involves the movement of information and ideas, people and force, as well as, capital and goods. It also involves the environment and biologically relevant substances such as acid rain or pathogens. Therefore, when defining globalization, Keohane and Nye state that it is the complete integration of globalism at a deeper or geographical level (Holton 1998). Globalization and Education in the Developing World: Case Study of Saudi Arabia The world as it is currently has attained the tag of being a ‘global village’ (Holton 1998). This means that there is a higher level of interaction between different countries today than was the case 100 years ago. Currently, the issues affecting one country can easily be replicated in another country as witnessed in the spread of the Arab Spring from Tunisia all the way to Syria. Technology has ensured that there is faster seamless communication between people in two very distant regions. This way, a person in Africa can communicate one-on-one with a relative in France. In this way, the world as is has been opened up to more scrutiny and so has the formats of education all over the world (Bisley, 2007). Saudi Arabia is a state renown for its oil wealth and the fact that it is reined over by a monarch. The system of education in this country like in many developing countries has a lot of emphasis on university education (Ramady, 2010). This means that white collar jobs are mainly preserved for the university elite in the country. As a result, this makes technical studies appeal less as they are associated with failures. As stated above, this is a common occurrence around the developing world, and, as a result, the technical training institutions do not get as much funding as the universities. Saudi Arabia has not many natural resources apart from oil (Ramady, 2010). This means that it has to depend on other forms of resources to allow it to move ahead. One of these resources is the human manpower (Ramady, 2010). The most important avenues for creating this manpower are through education. According to organizations that promote knowledge based economies such as the World Bank, higher education has a direct correlation with the country’s productivity (Ramady, 2010). This means that higher education has a direct impact on the skill level of people in a country, which in turn affects the quality of work that they produce. There is also the additional aspect of the remuneration that these people receive, which further translates to an improved standard of living. As seen above, technical education is not one that draws a lot of the populace in the country as it has a low remuneration. This is a worrying trend for a country like Saudi Arabia because being a developing country; it requires a lot of people trained in the technical studies. This means that there is a need to look at this matter. It is important that the government encourage people to take these courses by popularizing them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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