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Saudi newspapers Al Riyahd and Alwatan - Dissertation Example

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The dissertation "Saudi newspapers Al Riyahd and Alwatan" at its widest perspective deals with the study of news coverage of crisis by Two traditional newspapers in the Arab world, with particular reference to the operation led by Saudi Arabia so-called the Decisive Storm in Yemen 2015…
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Saudi newspapers Al Riyahd and Alwatan
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Extract of sample "Saudi newspapers Al Riyahd and Alwatan"

Download file to see previous pages Decisive Storm, in the name of defending civilization, legitimacy, and humanity. Communication theorists have taken great interests in studying further the concept of framing theory in mass media. This is particularly because there is quite confused as to how this theory can be characterized in the theoretical and empirical perspective. In the earlier studies as that of Iyenger & Kinder (1987) and finally in McCombs, Shaw, and Weaver (1997), framing theory did not have much distinction between the concepts of agenda-setting theory. Agenda-setting theory is a communication concept, “which focuses directly on how media coverage leads to changes in the importance of different considerations”. Scheufele (1999) and another study DeVreese (2005), however, agrees that the framing concept has inconsistency in its application, especially in identifying the frames projected in the media. In a more developed study of Scheufele along with his colleague Tewksbury, the authors furthered the distinction between Framing, Agenda Setting, and Priming based on how the progress of studying mass media effects. A most recent review from Borah (2011) expresses the even more pressing issues in the conceptual debates of framing theory. Amidst the vagueness of the concept of framing theory, this research considers how this theory can still explain the context of the effects of news on the audience. The framing theory encompasses the origin, evolution, presentation, and effects of frames (Tewksbury & Scheufele, 2009). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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