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Learning Styles and Lifelong Learning Process - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Learning Styles and Lifelong Learning Process" presents the types of questionnaires that I have taken to determine my learning styles and my personality types. The paper presents some important concepts towards how an individual learns and the possible preference of learning styles…
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Learning Styles and Lifelong Learning Process
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Download file to see previous pages Guild and Garger (1998) implied on their studies that by completely understanding an individual’s style of learning would allow educators to construct adequate teaching methods that would promote higher learning. For the last fifty years, many researchers have understood the concepts of learning styles. Sims and Sims (1995) have specified that students will be able to develop higher levels of learning through these concepts of learning styles and how these styles influence educators to construct sufficient teaching methods. Studies of Dunn and Dunn (1992) presented that individuals respond to learning in a more positive manner through the utilization of adequate teaching methods that suit them. With the case study, students have manifested greater learning when they were taught using their preferred teaching methods because they were able to absorb the concepts of the subject matter easily. These students have shown improved scores when it comes to tests and exams. It is said that if an educator makes use of the students preferred teaching methods, the students tend to be more attentive. This just shows that if educators would be able to grasp solely their students’ preferred learning styles, these educators would be able to promote enthusiasm among their students to learn more. Through effective teaching methods, the study stated that the students reflected more aggressive behavior toward learning, which means that these students are more willing to learn if they will be able to understand their educators’ method of teaching. In short, learning styles and teaching methods have a deeper association.
As stated earlier, I took some tests that would determine my preferred learning style as a student. Before I present the results that I got, let me first introduce to you what learning styles are all about. Ross, Maureen, and Schultz (2001) stated on their studies that learning is often times a process of remembering concepts and putting these concepts into actions after further studies. They further added that learning is a two-way process, gathering information and then utilizing the information.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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