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The Bad Side of Schooling: Two Relate Articles - Essay Example

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An essay "The Bad Side of Schooling: Two Relate Articles" claims that the whole system of schooling has been a significant issue for policy-makers and researchers.  Despite the notion that schools are necessary for students, two authors have boldly proposed their arguments to the contrary…
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The Bad Side of Schooling: Two Relate Articles
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"The Bad Side of Schooling: Two Relate Articles"

Download file to see previous pages Holt (1969) and Grobstein (1999) argue for the same basic idea by answering the question: “Why is school bad for children?” Both articles appeared in print for a newspaper and magazine. Holt’s article was featured in Saturday Evening Post, one of America’s popular magazine that dates back to 1728. Grobstein’s article which is available online was in print in a student newspaper of Conestoga High School in Berwyn Pennsylvania, The Spoke. The manner of writing for both articles can be considered formal, although not academic. It is devoid of literary references that may be helpful to support their arguments. Both texts are presented in simple language, with an attempt to interact with the reader through expressions such as “So much for criticism. What do we need to do?” (Holt, 1969) and “Poor guy.” (Grobstein, 1999). Their manner of writing addresses the readers directly, and one can see this in various instances across paragraphs in the two texts. This is indeed natural for most, if not all, articles presented in newspapers or magazines in order to gain a wide breadth of readership. Holt’s article though may have received more exposure and gained larger audience compared to Grobstein (1999) primarily due to the type of material where it was printed. A distinction can also be made from the fact that John Holt was both an author and educator when he wrote the article, and Rachel Grobstein was still a student when her article appeared on the school newspaper. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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