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Culture Brief Name University Kenya’s Culture Brief Many of you are aware of the fact that our company is seeking to expand our business of selling bicycles in Kenya. This culture brief brings to light the history, geography, political and economic systems, profile, traditions, values, and the lifestyles of Kenyans…
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Culture briefing for a US based company selling bicycles
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Download file to see previous pages These divisions include the pre-colonial era, colonial era, and the post-colonial era. Kenya is widely known to comprise forty two tribes each with a distinct mother tongue language. Historically, each and every tribe has its own distinct history in terms of relocations and resettlements, development, communication and relations with other tribes, customs, traditions, as well as in trade and industry. On the basis of resettlements, Kenya’s population is groups into Bantus, Nilotes, and Cushites. Cushites include Somali and Borana among others. Some examples of the Nilotes include Nandi, Pokot, and the Luos. Examples of Bantus include Kikuyu, Embu, Meru, and Kambas. During the pre-colonial era, most individuals in Kenya depended on crops and animals. In 1985, Kenya was colonized by Britain. The country got its independence in 1963 (Hornsby, 2013). Geography According to Hornsby (2013), Kenya is a unique country with an extensive shoreline, a large proportion covered by vegetation, beautiful mountains, arid region, lakes, as well as home to the Great Rift Valley. The Indian Ocean touches Kenya towards the south east direction. The country has a total of five countries as its neighbors. These countries include Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Available sources assert that the country comprises of five climatic regions. These include the Coast, the Rift Valley, Semi-desert, desert, and the lake region. Only twenty percent of the country is considered appropriate for both crop growing and animal keeping. A whooping seventy percent of the country is either desert or semi desert. Political system Since independence, the country has upheld and preserved a centralized form of government. It is important to point out that this centralized form of government brought with it individualistic leaders such as Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Arap Moi. These rulers were above the law during their tenures as presidents. The current president is the fourth since independence. The country adapted a multi-party system in 1992. This saw the emergence of new parties unlike the time of Jomo Kenya and partly during Moi’s era whereby the country had only one political party, Kanu (Hornsby, 2013). Currently, Kenya is divided into forty seven counties each being represented by a governor and a senator. Economic perspective Economically speaking, Kenya is a developing nation. Consequently, this country can be termed as a capitalist nation in terms of the economy. It depends on a large proportion with the international markets for trade and commerce. The country gets most of its revenue through the importation of cash crops such as coffee and tea. Tourism is also well structured and coordinated in Kenya and is a source of foreign exchange. Tourist throng the country’s wildlife reserves, game parks, as well at the coastal region for its favorable and warm climate (Hornsby, 2013). Traditions and customs Kenya comprises of forty two tribes each practicing its own customs and traditions. For instance, Kambas undergo various rites of passage. They undergo initiation to become adult members of the community as early as the age of twelve. Young men are given the responsibility of upholding, preserving, as well as preservation of the community. The final stage among the Kambas is becoming an elder. The Maasai on the other hand are known for keeping animals and making ornaments. There are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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