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Background and issue of Kenya - Assignment Example

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Tourism industry is an important sector in any country since it is able to earn the country some foreign capital. Kenya is no different. The country has various tourism sceneries across the country where tourists visit to enjoy the scenery including the Kenya’s coast which records various tourists every year…
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Background and issue of Kenya
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These terror attacks include the Mpeketoni and Lamu attacks in the coastal regions, the Westgate Mall attacks in the capital city of Kenya-Nairobi and other attacks in Mandera, and Wajir in northeastern Kenya. All these coupled with the negative and exaggerated media reports on the security situation in the country has led to the decline in the number of tourists in the country (Ellis and Bank, 2007, p. 300). However, the government has intervened to ensure that the issue of security is resolved once and for all. This report will include a statement of issues facing tourism sector in the country, portrayal of the country and the tourism sites together with the tourism ITS perspectives.

There are various issues facing tourism industry in Kenya. One of them is the issue of insecurity especially through various terror attacks. Recently, the terror groups have embarked on posing a security threat to the country thus reducing the number of tourists in the country. One of the massive terror attacks occurred in the Westgate mall in September 2013 (Obadiah, Nicholas and Josephine, 2012, p. 23). This terror attacks claimed many lives in the country and it resulted into tourism fearing for their security thus failing to tour the country as they did before.

The second issue facing the tourism sector in the country is due to poor infrastructure. Most of the tourist destinations have inaccessible roads since they are located in remote areas making them almost inaccessible to the tourists. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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