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Country development report - Essay Example

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Each of these theories provides a valuable insight on how development should take place. From a neoclassical counterrevolution, the…
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Country development report
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Download file to see previous pages From an international dependency theory, Kenya relies heavily on western countries on tourism, exports, and imports. However, the foreign organisations repatriated investment exchange from the Kenyan economy. The structural patterns showed that Kenya has fragmented an imbalanced urban and the rural fabrics, which signifies high unemployment rate in the urban leading to informal settlements like slum.
Development forms the main agenda of any progressive nation. Although economic progress forms the essential part of development, it is not the only aspect of development because economy is not the only aspect of development (Sen, 1999; Orwa, 1992). Therefore, development is a multidimensional process that requires reorientation and reorganisation of the social and economic systems. From a nonprofessional’s perspective, economic development should improve wealth output and income; however, it involves other changes like the surgical changes of administrative, institutions and social fabrics (Edet-Nkpubre, 2013). Besides, the process aims to change the beliefs, customs, and attitude of the people to focus on certain agendas that forms the receipt for development and avoid issues that may jeopardise growth associated with development (Mshomba, 1997). A holistic approach of defining development is based on a national perspective, which also may require international perspective and the social system (Scanteam and Norad, 2009). The objectives of this paper involved synthesising the four main theories of development namely the linear stage, neoclassical counter-revolution, structural patterns, and international dependence from a Kenyan perspective. These theories form the principal concepts for the explanation and interpretation of development efforts of a country selected for instance Kenya.
Kenya is located on the east cost of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Country Development Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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