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Community Nursing - Essay Example

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Teaching Experience Professor Date Part 1 Summary of the Teaching Plan Proposal The teaching plan as proposed is one that seeks to bring about the issue of the primary prevention to a community that seems to be struggling with lifestyle diseases…
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Community Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The plan proposes various measures that would promote good health in a wider sense. There are various strengths that are highlighted and areas where improvements need to be made and all these seeks to have a health promotion program that will become a success. The teaching program is to be initiated in a community where there are elderly people and individuals who are unable to take care of their health or those who have no health insurance. This teaching program would ensure that the members of the community are well endowed with the information they need in order to make them responsible for their own health. The project also addresses the kind of engagements that would lead to the actual learning process taking place and the very important tools that would be needed for this project to be a success. Key among the things outlined in the plan is the resources that would be needed for this kind of a venture just for the purpose of having a process that is above board. In conclusion, the plan addresses the objectives and aims of this teaching program and what would be achieved after such a noble course. Epidemiology Rationale for the Topic The problem of lifestyle diseases has been a major concern for the community in Georgia. Diabetes has been the leading illness in the lifestyle diseases with obesity being a key concern. ...
As for the lifestyle diseases, the elderly had cancer as a big challenge to those aged 65 and above. Diabetes was found to be a serious challenge affecting everyone across the board; the old people to younger people. Obesity among the young people and smoking habits was a major cause of diabetes among the young people. For these urgent care had to be initiated to help those already affected and those who are likely to be affected. Statistics from the health superintendent of the Georgia center for disease control and prevention in the state of Georgia has provided very shocking results about people who are affected by the lifestyle diseases like diabetes (Stroup & Teutsch, 1998). The results showed that: 35% of the adults in old age had diabetes. 40% of the young adults had diabetes 33% of the teens were diabetic and had obesity with heart complications 40% of those above the age of 65 years had cancer disease 50% of those in old age around 75 years had heart disease Evaluation of Teaching Experience The experience of teaching in the community was an interesting affair that really opened my eyes to various possibilities. At first, I thought that the experience was going to be a tough one and I was very nervous at some point, as I did not know what was going to be about my teaching experience. My experience in the community and having to interact with different groups of people was one that remained painted in my mind for the longest time ever. The fear of the unknown once again caught up with me in an unprecedented manner as I prepared myself for the teaching exercise. The responsibilities which I was to teach the people on the benefits of primary prevention or health promotion, and I knew it was not going to be an easy task even though I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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