China Nursing Education System Versus Kenya Nursing Education System - Essay Example

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Comparison of Chinese Nursing Education System with that of Kenya Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: The discipline of nursing, just as is the case with all other disciplines that exists within the human social context has its background. For instance, in the African context, old nursing practices would be defined through the analysis of the traditional birth attendants, witch doctors, medicine men, herbalists as well diviners…
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China Nursing Education System Versus Kenya Nursing Education System
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Comparison of Chinese Nursing Education System with that of Kenya The discipline of nursing, just as is thecase with all other disciplines that exists within the human social context has its background. For instance, in the African context, old nursing practices would be defined through the analysis of the traditional birth attendants, witch doctors, medicine men, herbalists as well diviners. A characteristic feature with the nursing was that they had no knowledge of science concerning testing and cause-effect treatment of diseases but on the contrary, they used magic as well as forms of religious sacrifices to cure diseases. Nevertheless, there has been great evolution in the advent of scientific discoveries and the adoption of the modern medical practices. This has therefore enabled the African medics to be in a position to attend to infections by protozoa, bacteria as well as fungi besides other parasites (Mule, 1986). Political History and Development of Nursing Education The two countries exhibit variations in the modern nursing frameworks as introduced by the foreigners who despite their settling there had differences in political orientations from their countries. A good example in China is the PUMC nursing school, which provided the tertiary nursing solely before 1952 after which the communist government had to restructure the education system. In Kenya, the government, in partnership with missionaries established nursing schools from 1929 for the nursing professions. The two countries further increased the nursing institutions with China increasing specializations of training fresh nursing students or working nurses for further education (Xu& Zhang, 2000). Such an institution in China was ‘Beijing Second Medical College’ started in 1961while in Kenya, the government started such institutions all over with Kenyatta National Hospital presenting such a strategic institution to enroll nursing students though with specific requirements is past midwifery experiences (Mule, 1986). Government and Nursing Organizations Influencing Nursing Education The nursing institutions played a very specific role in facilitating and delivering training to nursing students through which the industry was nurtured from its infancy level. For example, the Kenyan ministry of health collaborated with Nairobi university medicine faculty through which a nursing college which had relatively entry requirements for the courses in midwifery as well as registered nurse training. Yale mission, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), PUMC as well as baccalaureate programs played a critical role in nursing the nursing training within the country through funding and subsequent improvement of the learning curriculum. They also integrated the professional curriculum with philosophy and skills, which included dietary therapy as well as acupuncture therapy (Xu& Zhang, 2000). Current System of Nursing Education In order to rule out secondary and some post secondary nursing programs within China, the government has continuously upgraded the current system of education in nursing in an effort to produce highly qualified professionals with integrated knowledge and techno-driven solutions within the discipline. The government has introduced an extra academic year to the 3-year programs for secondary education and has further targets in raising admission rates through rise in cut-off points, which would ensure improved decision making sand ethical resolution by the graduate nurses. On the other hand, Kenya established the registered nursing school at Kenyatta with a 3.5-year syllabus for the completely nursing curriculum. The curriculum as designed incorporates both practical as well as theoretical instructions, which facilitates promotion of nursing officers from one level to another based on merit as well as experience. Besides these bases of promotion, the Kenyan curriculum is well designed to meet the unique needs exhibited within the country besides having incorporated attributes from the third world countries. The system here combines public university programs as well as the private nursing universities offering the hospital based teaching environment with good examples being the Agha Khan and the Kenyatta National Hospitals (Mule, 1986). China equally has plans to collaborate the efforts between Otawa nursing schools as well as Tianjing Medical University to improve on the nursing curriculum and improve on the community-based programs of nursing education. This would enable the government introduce little or no-diploma based hospital schools and have the education concentrated in university setups. Post Graduate [Masters] Education Post graduate education within China specifically the masters’ education in nursing takes 3 years and enrolls baccalaureate graduates through competitive national exams, which are specially designed for individual programs, which would include testing as well as work experience. Moreover, it has specifications on 2 years nursing experience which despite the infancy stage of its development; the program is well affiliated with other major university colleges within the country (Xu& Zhang, 2000). On the other hand, Kenyan projects are in the progress of adopting master’s education programs in nursing within universities and affiliated colleges because in the current scene, the clinical as well as the masters education certificates in biological sciences are gotten from the overseas. Reflection on Nursing Education in Kenya and China A reflection, China and Kenya show similar inception concerning nursing practices and education though after some time, the countries differ in the way of establishing education infrastructure of education. China exhibits higher development especially in technological advancement, which applies to nursing system of education. This therefore forms the major variation point between the two countries and the developmental steps taken in regard to developing nursing education infrastructures. Other differences are notable in the approach taken to nurture nursing as a subject within the colleges and schools together with the collaborated efforts taken by the government as well as medical organization from overseas. Reference Xu, Y., Xu, Z., & Zhang, J. (January 01, 2000). The nursing education system in the People's Republic of China: evolution, structure and reform. International Nursing Review, 47, 4, 207-17 Mule, G. K. (January 01, 1986). Nursing education in Kenya: trends and innovations. International Nursing Review, 33, 3.) Read More
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