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Nursing Education Systems of Ireland and China - Essay Example

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Nursing Education Systems in Ireland and China Name: Institution: Political History and Development of Nursing Education History and development of nursing education in Ireland has not been very different from that of other nations. Nursing education in Ireland was initially provided using the apprenticeship framework…
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Nursing Education Systems of Ireland and China
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Download file to see previous pages In 1998, the Report by Ireland’s Commission on Nursing presented a strong argument for enhanced education of nurses. This paved way for initiation of a degree program in nursing in 2002 and improvement has been taking place since then (O’Dwyer, 2007). Unlike in Ireland where development of nursing education started in the 1970s, in China, nursing education started developing early, following the arrival of Western missionaries in the year 1842 (Xu, Xu, & Zhang, 2000). By the year 1915, the country had an examination framework for certification of professional nurses. This was followed by introduction of a bachelor’s nursing degree programme in 1920, which was the first of its kind in Asia (Smith, 2004). Significant development followed thereafter with establishment of a government-sponsored nursing school being established in 1930. Development of nursing education in China continued until the year 1949, when government was taken over by the Communist party. This led to the abolishment of all nursing education beyond the secondary level. The remnant programmes comprised of three year training courses, after nine years in primary and intermediate academic levels. However, after the collapse of the Communist party government in 1977, gradual improvements started taking place. Bachelor degree nursing education was re-introduced in 1983 and significant milestones have been attained by China ever since (Xu et al., 2000). Government and Nursing Organizations Just like in other nations, Ireland and China have both governmental and non-governmental organizations that work to ensure that nursing education is comprehensive and sustainable. For instance, in Ireland, it was an organization named Irish Matrons’ Association (IMA) that commissioned the original report regarding improvement of nursing education in 1970 (Joyce, 2000). There is also the Irish Nursing Board (INB), which further stimulated discourse regarding the future of Irish education in the nursing profession. The Irish Practice Nurses Association (IPNA) has also contributed significantly to the growth of nursing education and practice. Other Irish organizations that have played a crucial role in recommending and advocating for advanced nursing education and practices include the Irish Nurses Organization (INO) and Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA). The Irish government also collaborates with other member nations of the European Economic Community (EEC). It is this affiliation to the EEC which ensures that Ireland adheres to general nursing education guidelines and recognition of nurses’ qualifications among member states (O’Dwyer, 2007). Presently, the Chinese Nursing Association (CNA) is recognized as the principal professional body for nurses in the country. The organization unites, develops and promotes nursing in all aspects, including advocating for nurses’ workplace rights and education opportunities (Smith, 2004). The Chinese government also collaborates with international bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO), Project Hope and Heart to Heart, among others to ensure that it works towards establishing comprehensive university education programs for nurses. These organizations ensure that Chinese nurses are well-equipped in terms of experience, prior learning and knowledge of treatment strategies specific to Chinese culture (Xu et al., 2000). Current System of Nursing Education It is rather evident that nursing educ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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