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 Professional Paper Name: Instructor: Date:       Professional Paper Introduction An individual has to go to the right place to get information on a chosen career path. A person should understand what the profession entails before pursuing the career…
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Professional paper (expended nursing role)
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 Professional Paper       Professional Paper Introduction An individual has to go to the right place to get information on a chosen career path. A person should understand what the profession entails before pursuing the career. A nurse anesthetist is an expert nurse who gives out anesthesia during medical procedures. The nurses dispense anesthesia procedures in a broad scope of health care areas. They can administer anesthesia in the hospital emergency room or in a dental hospital. From the surface, the procedures required to be trained on how to become a nurse anesthetist can be easily visible. A person is required to finish master’s level program in nurse anesthesia and succeed in a certification examination. Also, nurse anesthetists are supposed to pursue extra specialization programs, in addition to necessary nursing education. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are among the highest paid and most advanced of all nurses (Bankert, 1989). This paper is about how I plan to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse anesthetist. Commonly, individuals who want to be nurse anesthetists begin by finishing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Nurse anesthesia graduate program lasts between two to three years, on top of the prep activity required to be administered in a decent program. The nurse anesthesia graduate program course activities act as a basis for the career. After completing the nurse anesthesia graduate program, a person clears the licensing exam and is registered as a nurse. In addition, the registered nurse has to conclude extra course activity in readiness for undertaking another licensing exam (Bankert, 1989). This licensing exam is merged with related work practice, therefore, becoming a nurse anesthetist. Nonetheless, the prerequisites of the extra licensing exam for a nurse anesthetist differ by state. My first step towards becoming a nurse anesthetist is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing and then a registered nursing license. A number of nurse anesthesia master’s courses specify that candidates have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a registered nursing license. I will enroll in a nursing school that offers a formulated registered nursing license to bachelor’s degree in nursing programs (Thatcher, 1953). Alternatively, I will enroll in a nursing school that offer second degree bachelor’s courses for non-nursing learners with a bachelor’s in a different field so as to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing at fast time. I will obtain experience. As a bachelor’s degree in nursing or registered nursing license student, I will device my practical exercise to acute nursing. This is because the experience required in nurse anesthesia master’s course. This will also ease my path towards admission in a nurse anesthesia master's program. I will be proud of working for long. This is because nurse anesthetists begin working with a patient prior to the start of a treatment, performing a preoperative test to establish anesthesia requirements. In addition, nurse anesthetists monitor patients all through the recovery process from anesthesia and should be willing to react and respond to rising needs of patients (Bankert, 1989). I will enjoy people’s company or presence. While nurse anesthetists do not have an encounter with frequent group of patients for health care examination, they still sustain direct dealings with patients, frequently at some of the sheer vital periods of their existence. The compassion, bedside manner, and impression of expertise they provide to patients can make a significant difference to surgical results. I will feel calm near the machine and needles. There are different types of anesthesia; some are provided in the form of injection, and some are inhaled while some are given orally. Nurse anesthesia requires one to be comfortable with needles and comprehend the highly complex equipment used to observe patients from the start of administration of anesthesia to recovery and pharmacology (Bankert, 1989). I will select a nurse anesthetist school I enjoy. A nurse anesthetist school may contain the finest reputation in the lifetime of academic nursing courses, but if it is expensive, the setting is terrible, or one is not comfortable in the school, a person may not accomplish his goal of becoming a nurse anesthetist school. I will select a school that matches my professional interests and objectives. Conclusion It is essential to complete a master’s degree course. This is because the master’s degree will facilitate the success of the certification examination and make me a certified, registered nurse anesthetist. Also, one should be ready to work single-handedly. Nurse anesthetist may operate in groups with anesthesiologists, but frequently, they operate as a single anesthesia administrator (Thatcher, 1953). Nurse anesthetists easily get openings. After becoming a nurse anesthetist, one should get used to finding employment prospects that match his qualification in most areas that involve nursing. References Bankert, M. (1989). Watchful care: A history of America’s nurse anesthetists. New York: The Continuum Publishing Company. Thatcher, V.S. (1953). History of anesthesia, with emphasis on the nurse specialist. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company. Read More
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