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NURSNG ROLE - Research Paper Example

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Nursing Role Name: Instructor: Institution: Course: Date: Abstract This paper lays out the outline of the nursing role. The introduction brings into perspective the growth that the nursing profession has experienced and the challenges that led to such leaps in the society…
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Download file to see previous pages The outline also focuses on the two main roles of the nurses, which are a helping role and a teaching and coaching role. These are further composed of various aspects that facilitate the running of the profession. The helping role encompasses the roles of a nurturer, and a direct caregiver. On the other hand, the teaching and coaching role is wider and encompasses aspects such as nurses as agents of change, managers, teachers, counselors and researchers. Further, the outline also brings into focus the aspect the nurse being a champion of the patients’ rights and needs. The nurse becomes the principal care provider for the patient in the hospital. Further, the nurses inform patients of their rights and helps in enforcing and safeguarding those rights. Introductory Paragraph In the past, around the mid-1800s, nurses used to be viewed as the subordinates, or handmaiden, to the doctors. Their roles were remarkably few and majorly involved doing what the physician ordered. Such included looking after patients in the hospitals, straightening beds, feeding the patients, aiding the patients with the bandages and helping the patients find their way around hospitals. Nevertheless, a lot has changed since the mid-1800s. Today, nurses are professionals who have their own roles; separate and different professional roles from doctors. Doctors still write the orders as they did before. However, a nurse gets expected to know when such an order, dosage or a medication are wrong so as to follow the necessary procedures to indulge the physicians on such orders. Further, a nurse has nursing duties that involve assessment, coming up with a nursing plan, family and patient education, medication teaching, dressing changes among others. All these nursing roles fall under two main categories, which are a helping role and a teaching and coaching role. The Helping Role This is the most essential role of the nursing profession and is considered the traditional role. A number of things fall under this role and collectively facilitate the functioning of the nursing professionals. This role gets manifested in two distinct ways. These are the roles of nurses as nurtures and direct care givers. This care is directed to the human body. The Biblical reference to this role is 1 Cor. 6:19. This scripture reference talks about the body being the temple of God and thus, taking care of it is an imperative. Text Description The helping role is one of the most prominent roles of the nurses in the hospital set up. This role is patient-oriented. The nurse serves as a nurturer of the patient. Further, the nurse is responsible for providing all the necessities of the patients throughout their stay at the hospital. In addition to this, due the extensive interaction of the nurse and the patients, the nurse comforts the patient during their hospitalization. The nurses offer direct care to the patient. Further, they promote the comfort of the client, who is the patient. This role is best made manifested by the mothering actions relevant from the nurses. Such activities involve the knowledge and sensitivity to the matters that are relevant to the clients. In essence, the nursing roles are meant to show concern for the patient welfare. Further, the nursing roles take into account the need for the acceptance of the patient as a person. References Journal of Advanced Nursing,Volume 68, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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