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An essay "Angina: Result Of Inadequate Supply Of Oxygen " reports that the patient’s first problem is the acute pain in the chest which she rates it at a scale of 9/10. This problem relates to the patient since the symptoms that the patient narrates are the characteristics of Angina. …
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Angina: Result Of Inadequate Supply Of Oxygen
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Download file to see previous pages The patient’s lack of tolerance to an activity which emanates from various factors like Mrs. Brown’s weight which indicates that she is obese, stress, lack of physical activity and the cardiac responses. This essay is, therefore, going to elaborate on the nursing problems in Mrs. Brown’s case as well as the nursing interventions for each problem illustrated (Anderson 2007). The patient’s first problem is the acute pain in the chest which she rates it at a scale of 9/10. This problem relates to the patient since the symptoms that the patient narrates are the characteristics of Angina. The patient points out that she is sweaty and that she feels an extreme pain in the chest which feels like someone was squeezing out on her chest. The patient’s history of hypertension implies that she has a problem with the circulation of blood in her body due to the narrowing of the airways. The two main priority interventions for this problem are the administering of nitroglycerin to the patient to relieve the acute pain and encouraging deep breathing and coughing exercises (Johnson 2008). Before embarking on any intervention, a nurse should be able to establish the history of the patient in order to match the patient’s condition with the symptoms that she depicts. ... Intervention 1-administration of nitroglycerin to relieve the pain Cameron (2011) points out that when the patient is administered with a dose of nitroglycerin, the action of this medicine will help to dilate the coronary arteries and instantly increase the venous pooling consequently reducing the rate at which oxygen is used in the body as well as the myocardial preload. The pain that is experienced by Mrs. Rose is due to the lack of enough oxygen supply to the heart making her have a feeling of squeezing in the heart. This drug will help in the redistribution of blood to the area of the heart muscle (Blackwood 2009). The administering of the drug should be started in the ED sublingually or by using a spray after every five minutes for three doses. This intervention is relevant to the patient’s case because nitroglycerin has been proven to be effective in chest pain reduction. One of the positive considerations when using nitroglycerin is to reduce the dose gradually when the symptoms are alleviated. A negative consideration is that the drug should not be administered to patients who have used Sildenafil drug as this will cause hypotension and death. This intervention will help in relieving the patient of the acute pain she is feeling on her chest, therefore, this intervention is effective (Cantor, et al., 2009). Intervention 2- Encouraging Coughing Exercises and Deep Breathing Weir-Hughes (2007) points out that coughing is one way that helps in clearing the airways. Patients suffering from angina have their arteries being narrowed and therefore the flow of oxygen to the heart is limited. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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