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Pain management of central chest pain of patients in the Emergency department - Essay Example

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Although many of them are not serious in nature, the nursing care must target rapid resolution of the pain or measures to rapidly…
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Pain management of central chest pain of patients in the Emergency department
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Download file to see previous pages This means these groups of patients need special support from the nursing professionals and measures to relieve these pains as soon as possible, at least in order to decrease these feelings. In order to be able to handle and manage these cases appropriately in the Emergency Department setting the nurses must be able to critically analyse the signs and symptoms of these patients on presentation. It is also expected that the nursing staff must be able to assess these patients in a structured manner in the least possible time frame since the risks associated with adult patients presenting with chest pain may be enormous. In some cases rapid and timely institution of interventions may impact the outcomes of care very favourably, while failure to stratify these risks and to appropriately assess these patients may lead to a defective and ineffective care plan leading to serious morbidity and mortality. In fact current research evidence suggests that nurses should be trained to acquire skills in appropriately assessing a patient and then reaching a provisional diagnosis that can be ruled out or supported by point of care protocols such as C-Troponin, CK-MB, and Pro-BNP so legitimate care may be instituted at the earliest. In this assignment, a problem-solving approach will be elicited in the context if emergency nursing care delivered to a group of patients with central chest pain during a recent placement of this writer, where nursing skills of assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and documentation of care will be demonstrated (Hamer and McCallin, 2006). Moreover this account will also demonstrate how critical the nursing communication skill becomes in delivering an effective, standard, and competent care to these patients while working independently or through interprofessional collaboration. Throughout this assignment, there will be demonstration of the process of nursing diagnosis and management ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pain Management of Central Chest Pain of Patients in the Emergency Essay.
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