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Nursing acutely ill patient - Essay Example

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Nursing Acutely ill patient Instructor Institution Date Health institutions and health providers should always ensure that strategies are in the right place in order to manage the patients who are in bad shape or those who are recovering from a critical illness…
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Nursing acutely ill patient
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Download file to see previous pages This work is mainly going to discuss the management of patients admitted in Accident and Emergency departments suffering from Angina. It also focuses on the treatment, pathophysiology, monitoring, and reassurance. Angina can also be referred to as Angina Pectoris1. Angina is condition causes a severe pain in the chest that often spreads to the arms, shoulders and neck. This condition is mainly caused by inadequate blood supply to the heart muscles. Angina is discomfort or chest pain that is caused when the heart section is deprived of oxygen2. It is also subjected to a symptom of heart disease like the Coronary artery disease. There are three main types of angina. They include, variant angina, stable and unstable angina. Variant angina is a type of angina that occurs when one is at rest or during sleeping hours3. It is very easy to treat using medication. This type of angina in not common and occurs free of atherosclerosis that might be there incidentally. 4Some researchers state that variant angina occurs because of coronary artery muscle contraction. Stable angina is the most common type of angina that takes place the heart is overworked. It is easy to predict when it can occur, for instance, when carrying out some activities. Stable angina can be relieved either by rest or through angina medications5. The last type of angina, unstable angina, follows an unpredictable pattern unlike stable angina. It can occur during an activity or when at rest. It is rather complex because it cannot be relieved by both medication and rest. Its occurrence may indicate an impending heart attack. 6The symptoms of angina include; sensation of heaviness or pressing pain on the chest under sternum, the breast bone. The pain is mainly experienced in the arms, neck, jaw regions and shoulder. Physical exertion normally increases the condition because angina occurs only when the heart requires excess oxygen beyond the available oxygen from the blood that nourishes the heart. The main causes of angina are extreme temperatures, smoking cigarette, emotional stress, heavy meals and alcohol. Some of the causes of angina are very serious and threatens life. Musculoskeletal is one of the most common causes of chest pain that are common in patients under forty years. Some of the causes of chest discomfort include respiratory causes such as pleurisy and pulmonary embolism, the digestive causes such as esophageal spasm and heartburn7. The worst condition that threatens life is the cardiac chest pain. Cardiac chest pain sums to 18% of the chest pain cases combined. Chest pain reports sums up to 40% of the admissions in emergency hospitals out of which, 5% visits the Accident and Emergency departments. It is very important to differentiate between non-cardiac and cardiac pain in the admissions of chest pain in a hospital, even though, it can be hard to be sure about the nature8. Early assessment helps to know if there is a heart disease within a patient while early treatment increases the survival chances of the patient. It is therefore important to do early assessment and early treatment in order to discover the presence of a heart disease and increase the patient’s survival chances respectively. According to various statistics, the incidences of Coronary Heart Disease have been increasing for the last decades; though there were, low death rates. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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