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Nurses are involved in many people’s day to day lives. It is important that a nurse has a variety of skills when delivering healthcare to patients in their day to day lives. For this reason, a nurse should have a sober mind that helps them make the right decisions in situations that involve them helping patients. …
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Nursing Decision Making
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Download file to see previous pages The advancement of technology has fueled various practices even in the nursing profession that has in turn caused a revolution in the way that nurses make decisions. Nursing embraces technology especially since there has been tremendous revamp as a consequence of its incorporation in the nursing profession (Hardy, Garbett, Titchen, Manley, 2002, p.200). There are conditions where nurses have to make sober and most feasible decisions when it comes to patients suffering acute conditions. These patients have to be accorded precise care in order to ensure their comfortable recovery in health institutions. Many patients have faced situations where they do not recover out of their illnesses since nurses do not have ample reasoning skills (Del Bueno, 2005, p.202). This is a result of nurses not making correct assessment of the patients they have in their centers, where they are supposed to evaluate the most ill patients and offer them the help they need. This papers purports to evaluate the importance of critical thinking for nurses in their provision of healthcare to patients. The situation in health facilities is that ‘at risk’ patients are fitted with a device that notices complex fatal situations such as cardiac arrests and warns the health administration in order to offer them quick response (Ebright, Urden, Patterson, Chalko, 2003, p.635). Quite often though, the nurses in all over the world do not possess the right planning skills when offering administration of health care to patients. While the degree of complexity in diseases is increasing indefinitely, nursing profession has adopted the information and technology empowerment to offer their patients the best kind of healthcare. However, this has not been totally comprehensive in offering healthcare and it calls for additional endeavors to coach nurses. The profession management found it fit to complement nurses with teaching in critical thinking skills in an effort to reduce poor clinical reasoning. Research conducted by an Australian institution for instance, showed that the level of ‘unsafe’ nurses in the United States stands at 70%. This translates to the high number of fatalities of patients under healthcare and in retaliation critical thinking education scheme has been boosted to allow for better service provision. Critical Reasoning It is defined as the clinical way that nurses and other healthcare providers perceive the situations that face them in providing their services to patients. It may also be called problem solving, critical thinking, clinical judgment or decision making. Clinical judgment is assessing the problem a patient is facing. Nurses therefore need to be well equipped to make a distinction between symptoms, collecting evidence of illness, understanding them, evaluating the possible solutions to ease illness and implement the best possible solution. The process of clinical reasoning is the ability of a nurse to assess the situation of the patients in terms of their symptoms, understand them, evaluate possible solutions, implement the best solution, know the outcomes possible for the patient and to internalize the processes (Thompson & Dowding, 2002, p.50). There is not really a certain way that nurses have to make sober clinical reasoning solutions. The basic process however involves ?collection, description and understanding’. The reason why nurses should learn from these situations is because precedence is also a form of clinical reasoning. When for instance, a nurse encounters a problem in a patient they are best placed to make a decision if they had encountered identical problems in other patients and therefore make decisions based on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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