Approach to Shared Decision-Making in Nursing - Literature review Example

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The research paper “Approach to Shared Decision-Making in Nursing” seeks to evaluate the engagement of different professionals within the healthcare system, where all contribute towards the achievement of a common method of patient care…
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Approach to Shared Decision-Making in Nursing
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Extract of sample "Approach to Shared Decision-Making in Nursing"

Download file to see previous pages The title is a very important component of a research article. It should be capable of capturing the articles’ major variables concepts and the methods involved (Kaplan 2012). A careful look at the research article under focus, the authors have captured diverse aspects of the study in the title. Firstly, the program under consideration is very clearly defined, IP-SDM. Secondly, it goes further to specify on the particular area under investigation, which happens to be the intentions of the healthcare providers as they engage in the program. These two aspects make the title accurate and specific on the issue being discussed in the article. It is also clear the type of participants that are involved in the study from the title, those health workers in home care programs. However, the authors take a global perspective in the methodology used. The title mentions in broad terms that the research uses mixed methods without a clear definition of what are those ‘mixed methods’. The length of the title is desirable; this is because it carries diverse aspects under investigation that cannot be assumed. It is descriptive and informative, just from a first look it is likely that one is capable of capturing the parameters under investigations and the variable involved. Largely the title is the best impression that gives a view of what to expect in the main body of the article, and sure enough, Legare et al. successfully captures most of the aspects. (Université Laval 2013)....
Subjects The research has clearly identified the subjects in the study. Sample selection A large sample size was considered to take care of the mixed methodology approach that was taken in the research. The sample was selected from various health centres and featured 126 heath care providers. Data collection Data collected collection was efficiently done through a survey, filling in of questionnaires and use of focus groups. The instruments used are reliable and valid as stated in the research paper. Ethical considerations There was involvement of ethical considerations by the researchers. Firstly, data collection using the various tools was based on willingness of individuals. Secondly, the participants understood what the research entailed before engaging with it. In addition, their confidentiality and anonymity was assured. The research has not declared whether it had approval from the ethical committee. Results The results have been tabulated clearly. They have demonstrated consistency with other previous works. From the results it is possible to project the conclusions. Data analysis Data has been well analysed especially because it was qualitative. The analysis is sufficient to demonstrate the relationship between the test variables. Discussion The research paper has clearly defined the relationship between the results and the test variables. They have attempted to balance between the aspects that are supported by the findings as well as those that do not. They have also gone a step ahead to provide the implications of the findings to the health sector. The discussion is deficient of the weaknesses of the study that may have made the results unreliable. Conclusions The conclusions are very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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