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The New Leadership Challenge , Creating The Future of Nursing - Essay Example

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Introduction Leadership is essential part of human interaction and endorses a flexible approach to the changing aspects of the organizational scope and processes. Leaders within the organization are important linkages that help exploit the personality traits of the workforce to maximize performance outcome…
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The New Leadership Challenge , Creating The Future of Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The managerial leadership of the firm promotes flexible approach to the changing dynamics of the organizational management. The myriad aspects of leaders and leadership facilitate and influence human behavior for greater achievement of mutually negotiated targets with greater enthusiasm. Indeed, the many challenges of good leadership takes into account the changing environmental factors and translate them into opportunities of growth. The paper would be looking at the various facets of leadership and how it impacts the role of nurse managers. Nature of leadership Organizational leadership assumes special meaning because it motivates and encourages others to strive towards common goals with renewed enthusiasm. It tends to empower people with knowledge and influence their behaviour, attitude and feelings towards important issues so that they are better prepared for changes and become more accommodating in their approach. The traits and styles of leaders within organizations therefore become hugely crucial elements that inherently help exploit new situations and inculcate a sense of stability amongst the followers or workforce especially in adverse situations. The various leadership theories support the varying perspectives of leaders and how they impact the behaviour and attitude of others. The leadership traits and styles become integral part of leaders within organizations. Leadership traits. The four most important traits of effective leaders are: honesty; forward looking; inspiring; and competency (Kouzes and Posner, 2007). These are critical paradigms of that help the leaders to gain the trust of the followers who willingly follow them. Honesty is one of the most desirable traits of leaders that inspires committed following. They set high standard of ethics and moral integrity which inculcates trust and gives them a distinct credibility in the eyes of their followers but also gives credence to their ideological perspectives of issues. Leaders are also forward looking because their vision ensures that followers are well equipped to handle changes. With strong communication skills, they are able to communicate with their followers and inspire them towards visionary goals. They have the ability to’ read emotions in one’s self and in others, and to be able to use this information to guide decision-making’ (Ashkanasy et al., 2002: 317). Indeed, their capacity to look forward to the future is highly pertinent issue as it is able to anticipate and exploit new avenues of opportunities. In the current environment of globalization and changing format of society, they help provide intangible stability among the diverse workforce through cross cultural understanding and facilitate their integration with the system. With strong ideals, indomitable will and highly creative disposition, leaders are hugely inspiring. They challenge the status quo and explore new dimensions to overcome tough situations. Hence, followers tend to imitate and imbibe qualities to move forward. An effective leader therefore empowers followers and motivates them to make decisions based on informed choices. The leaders are very competent individuals which is reflected in ‘leader’s track record and ability to get things done’ (Kouzes and Posner; 35). The leadership competency relies on experience that provides the leaders with necessary knowledge to act aptly under different situations. They understand the hidden ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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