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Are all pressure ulcers avoidable - Essay Example

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Action 1 - It is important for a trainee assistant nurse practitioner to give critical attention to legal and ethical aspects associated with the delivery of health and social care (Selinger, 2009). At all times, it is necessary on the part of the nurse to ensure the delivery of…
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Are all pressure ulcers avoidable
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Download file to see previous pages At all times, nurses should observe the law and ethics related to informed consent (Selinger, 2009). Assuming that the patient has severe dementia or some kind of severe mental illnesses, it would be difficult for the nurse to seek permission from the patient prior to the delivery of care. Therefore, the nurses should at all times make sure that their decision-making gives justice and will not harm the patient in any way (i.e. physically, psychologically, etc.) (Selinger, 2009). To avoid facing ethical or legal problems, all nurses should regularly upgrade their knowledge concerning all legal and ethical aspects that defines the nursing profession (Barnard, Nash and OBrien, 2005).
Action 2 – In relation to the NMC (2002) Code of Professional Conduct, the patient’s real name should be kept confidential at all times in order to protect the patient’s privacy and avoid the risks of unintentionally causing harm to the patient.
Action 3 – Brian, who is 55 years old, refuses to accept the nurse’s advice and equipment that should be used for his treatment. In relation to nursing ethics, the case of Brian should be addressed by examining the principles of autonomy. Since the patient refuses to accept the nurse’s advice and equipment that should be used for his treatment, the nurse should respect the patient’s decision (Selinger, 2009). To avoid facing any legal problem in the future, perhaps it is best for the nurse to get the patient to sign a form stating about his decision not to accept the nurse’s advice and equipment that should be used for his treatment.
Action 4 – Brian, aged 55 years suffers from multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a health condition wherein the patient’s immune system could adversely affect the main function of the myelin (Falvo, 2014, pp. 109–110). As the disease progresses, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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