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Ischemic Heart Problems and Treatment of Symptoms - Case Study Example

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From the paper "Ischemic Heart Problems and Treatment of Symptoms" it is clear that heart disease is a condition in which there is oxygen deprivation to the muscles of the heart as a result of decreased blood flow and perfusion and is accompanied by inadequate removal of the products of metabolism…
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Ischemic Heart Problems and Treatment of Symptoms
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Extract of sample "Ischemic Heart Problems and Treatment of Symptoms"

Download file to see previous pages History of past illness: The patient is a known case of diabetes mellitus for 5 years and hypertension for 10 years. He is on once a day glipizide for diabetes and once a day amlodipine for hypertension.
Personal history: The patient has a normal diet and sleep. His bowel and bladder habits are regular. The patient does not smoke or take alcohol. He is not addicted to illicit drugs. He leads an active life and walks about half an hour a day of which at least 10 minutes is brisk walking.
General examination: The patient is moderately built and nourished. He is conscious, alert and active. He is afebrile and not in pain. He has no pallor, icterus, cyanosis, koilonychia, clubbing, edema or lymphadenopathy. Skin and appendages are normal. Perfusion of the skin is normal. Pulse rate is 80 per minute. Blood pressure is 130/90mmHg. Respiratory rate is 20 per minute.
Cardiovascular examination: Pulse rate is 30 per minute. The rhythm, volume and equality are normal. There is no apex-pulse deficit, radiofemoral delay or carotid bruits. Blood pressure is 130/90mmHg on both arms in a sitting position. There are no dilated veins or any scars seen. There is no left parasternal heave. Apex beat is normal. No thrills or any other pulsations felt. Percussion of the heart area is normal. First and second heart sounds are heard and normal. No third heart sound heart. No murmurs heard.
History of presenting complaints: Sudden onset of chest pain since 30 minutes. The pain is severe and radiating o the left shoulder joint. The pain is associated with other symptoms which are breathlessness, nausea and sweating. The patient also complains of severe tiredness and dizziness. There is no history of fever, cough, expectoration or palpitations. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Ischemic Heart Problems and Treatment of Symptoms Case Study)
Ischemic Heart Problems and Treatment of Symptoms Case Study.
“Ischemic Heart Problems and Treatment of Symptoms Case Study”, n.d.
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