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Concept of Pain Paper Name Institution Concept of Pain Paper List any operational definitions provided in the articles The concept of pain can be used widely in professional fields. In this case, the definition of pain that is employed frequently is that one based on the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) and McCaffery (1977)…
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Concept analysis paper pain
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Download file to see previous pages Described in relation to such damage, IASP argues that pain is always personal. Therefore, IASP further argues that it is upon each individual to learn how to apply the word. Consequently, the way through which this individual can learn the application of pain is through his or her experiences in early life, which are related to injury. However, according to some scholars, pain is not at all times unpleasant. Instead, according to Ross and Ross, pain serves both negative and positive functions (Risjord, 2011). Therefore, according to these scholars pain can be used as a warning signal for tissue trauma or as a treatment and diagnosis aid (Kolcaba, 2003). Consequently, in nursing diagnosis, the definition of pain is that is it comes whenever a person experiences and reports to have had an uncomfortable sensation or severe discomfort (Carroll-Johnson, 1989). Therefore, concisely, the pain sensation is dependent to a large extend on the physical stimulus. However, the expression and/or perception of pain in most cases emphasize a more socio-psycho-cultural aspect. The view of pain by both the professional and sociological fields therefore, is that it bears both the negative and positive functions (Meleis, 2011). ...
The list is as follows: 1. Selection of the concept; 2. Determination of the purposes or aims of analysis; 3. Identification of all the applications of the concept; 4. Determination of the defining attributes; 5. Construction of a model case; 6. Construction of the contrary, related, illegitimate, invented, and borderline cases; 7. Identification of consequences and antecedents and; 8. The definition of empirical referents Antecedents for the concept The antecedents are described as those incidents or events that occur before the concept of pain (Walker & Avant, 1995). Consequently, in relation to the concept of pain, the cultural, personal, and environmental values act as antecedents. There is also some interrelationship among the three antecedents (Doran, 2011). For instance, there is the relationship between the event triggering the pain and the environmental antecedent. On the other hand, it is the mind or the body of an individual that will get affected by the event (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). Consequently, the event can cause potential or actual tissue damage leading to the hospitalization, noxious stimulus, or venipuncture in the side of the individual. What also play an important role in this event is the attitude and the knowledge of the individual (Nelson,1993). The way the individual will accept and expect and cope with the pain in this case is going to be determined by this attitude and knowledge acquired from an experience (Larsen & Lubkin, 2009). The personal issue on the other hand includes the individual’s present emotional and physical condition, socio-economic class, gender, and personality (Peterson and Bredow, 2008). The extent of muscle tension, the capacity of the individual to feel the pain, and the sleeping ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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