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Concept Analysis of Consciousness - Research Paper Example

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Concept Analysis: Pattern Recognition from Margaret A. Newman’s Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness (HEC) Name Institution Date Abstract In the recent years, medical and allied health literature has reported pattern recognition as a non-analytical process of clinical reasoning…
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Concept Analysis of Consciousness
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Extract of sample "Concept Analysis of Consciousness"

Download file to see previous pages Concept Analysis: Pattern Recognition from Margaret A. Newman’s Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness (HEC) Some people perceive health as the state or condition where there is the absence of a disease or disability, an assumption which triggered Newman into developing the theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness (HEC) (Newman, 2002). In most cases, these people who include those with health uncertainties, incapacitated, and eventual death; are usually associated or relate with nurses. Over the years, the concept has developed and it incorporates all people regardless of the presence or absence of a disease and/or a disability. The development of the HEC theory is attributed to Martha Roger’s theory of Unitary Human Beings, which holds that “patterning of persons in interaction with the environment is basic to the view that consciousness is a manifestation of an evolving pattern of person-environment interaction” (Newman, Gaines, and Snare, 2005). Newman’s theory affirms that the universal process of expanding consciousness should encompass all types of people in every kind of situation regardless of their disabilities and hopelessness. Newman describes this process as that which makes one realize who they are and become one, helps a person to find some sense in living, and that which enables one to reach a new height of connectedness with the rest of the people and the world in general (Newman, 2008). Purpose of and Research Methodology Analysis of a concept is usually to provide the reader with a clear understanding and a detailed description of the concept in question, in this case, pattern recognition (Avant and Walker, 2005). This analysis can be done via implementation of a variety of analysis methodologies. However, this paper employs an analysis methodology developed and presented by Avant and Walker (2005). It identifies operational and theoretical definitions, definition of characteristics of the concepts, identification of the antecedents and the consequences associated with the concept, examination or evaluation of cases in which the concept has been utilized and finally providing empirical referents to the concept. The Concept of Pattern Recognition According to Newman (2005), this concept makes a key component of the relational process of Health as Expanding Consciousness (HEC). In addition, Newman (2005) asserts that a series of visits unfolds the uniqueness of health patterning. Here, a special attention is paid to the development of whatever is required to be the outcome of the relationship that emerges between the nursing practitioner and the patient or client. Identification of patterns occurs in stages via the process of praxis rather than the whole process occurring once (Newman, 2005). Currently, the pattern of life of every person contains past information and probabilities of future occurrences. When a client decides to visit a nurse, it is obviously because things have slightly or extremely changed from the usual and thus he or she requires an alternative regarding the client’s situation. The relating process of the clinician and the patient or client is a key facilitator to understanding of the patterns of a person. According to Newman (2005) the goals of pattern recognition include: Helping the client see and understand the current patterns Helping the client ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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