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The Concept of National Security in Understanding Contemporary Conflicts - Term Paper Example

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The author concludes that the effectiveness of the current forces especially the US Marine in the east has been contributed by several new technologies as well as spin outs gotten from acquisition programs. There is a big need to pursue innovations within the military forces with an undying vigor…
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The Concept of National Security in Understanding Contemporary Conflicts
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Download file to see previous pages The first step would be to discard the notion related to the nature of the future wars and international conflicts which are in real sense unrealistic. This kind of future has been believed to have gained some significant acceptance in the past. The quick and easy victory of the US Marine over Iraq in the 1990's gulf war, for instance, is seen to have to lead to military affairs revolution as a result of the competitive advantage to the US if these advancements are something to go by.
There has been a general belief that there is no likely hood of having a major rival competitor of the United States military warfare in the near future. This has resulted in several other countries having the promise of cheap and fast victory as far as military concepts are concerned. This notion subsequently has led to a reduction of the dependency of the military might that has led further to the transformation of the department of defense.
These transformations of the defense department need consideration of the military's experience in past conflicts. In the case of the States, its military experience has been characterized by protracted by the counterinsurgency which is coupled with the countries building. The efforts would call for further reforms in the sector of security of the countries citizens, economic development as well as reconstruction and creation of government capacity building which goes hand in hand with the rule of law creation. Regarding the experiences gained, one needs to have enough experience as well as awareness for the need of abandoning the transformation of the department of defense orthodoxy and subsequently go for the most essential changes which are required in the development and restructuring of the defense to enable sufficient defense for the entire country (McMaster, 2009).    
The military's development and advancement would be achieved through the approach employed by the authorities in employing the forces to protect the nation's interests. Prior to any major attack, the defense has been put under much scrutiny regarding their abilities to handle the conflict or the contemporary issue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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