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Is Alexander Wendit right that anarchy is what states make of it If so, what are the implications for IR theory - Essay Example

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In his works, this scientist managed to rise several subjects that resulted in re-thinking of already commonly used concepts and opening numerous discussions on their real role in contemporary…
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Is Alexander Wendit right that anarchy is what states make of it If so, what are the implications for IR theory
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Extract of sample "Is Alexander Wendit right that anarchy is what states make of it If so, what are the implications for IR theory"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, in a given essay the key elements of Wendt’s theory are presented in order to comprehend all the levels of his theoretical framework. Afterwards, it is reasonable to analyze his place in the academic field through the evaluation of his assumptions within contemporary theories. Finally, the real implications in the present international system and the relevance of Wendt’s prescriptions on the new world order conclude this paper and prove that his ideas are only the preliminary stage in the development of completely new approach in international relations.
To start with, the most popular idea of Alexander Wendt that is at the same time the title of one of his books proclaims that “anarchy is what states make of it” (Wendt, 1992). In short, this thesis means that states in international relations instead of unifying and providing collective policies create an environment of constant suspect and rivalry. However, this notion contains several important ideas within its context. First, the close look to contemporary international relations proves that the states as artificial creations rely on subjective behaviors of those people who live on their territories. In fact, there is a two-fold explanation of this thought. On the one hand, Wendt demonstrates that previously individuals had decided to organize themselves into the larder anonymous communities; in this context, the real nature of these entities is still individualistic in conditions when its personality is pluralistic (Wendt, 2003, p. 511). On another hand, anarchist nature in its core does not accept formalized hierarchies and aims on searching for the methods to introduce group conscience (Prichard, 2010, p. 4). Summarizing both these ideas, it is inevitable for states to demonstrate certain “goal-seeking behavior” (Wendt, 2003, p. 513), resulting from their human ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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