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Nursing Leadership Styles And Management - Essay Example

In the world of nursing, leadership capability is a must in order to keep everything tight, efficient and prepared, especially when emergency response is needed and necessary. Since the job of a nurse is to care for or take care of people, this is tenfold the pressure and responsibility for their leader. Therefore, the unit inn its self must be akin to a well oiled machine. This paper’s aim is to look into a specific leadership style that the writer feels is effective in most situations, as well as fits the writer’s preference. It will also look into the difference of the terms “leadership” and management” in both a grammatical as well as a nursing stand point. Finally this paper will look at some sources that also discuss leadership and/or management. The topic break down is as follows:
• Leadership style identification and discussion
• Management VS. Leadership
• Additional source identification and discussion
As with any group, organization or profession, there are different types of leaders. Some are jokers while others are very strict. Some are likened to a democratic government while others are that of a dictatorship. The world of nursing is no different. There are also different kinds of leaders and they are effective for different situations. Some of the examples of leadership styles we know are; charismatic leadership, participative and situational. This paper will mainly focus on the situational style of leadership. The reason being, that the writer feels that this is the type

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Discuss leadership and leadership styles
Leadership instigates the thirst for achieving visionary goals through passion. Leadership in nursing is even more demanding because it requires perfection in profession as well as management skills. More often than not leadership is a mix and match of vision, passion, professionalism, management along with many others qualities which determine the mode and style of leadership.
2 pages (500 words)Essay
Leadership Styles In Nursing
Since leadership can affect work performance (Hood, 2010), it is an essential skill required for nursing as a profession and every nurse is expected to exert their knowledge and expertise in leadership both to the healthcare team and to her clients or patients (Kelly-Heidenthal, 2003).
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
Nursing Leadership and Management
According to the paper leadership and management must exist at all levels of an organization and industry. Particularly in the health care industry, these two elements must not only exist, but they must be executed effectively. Nurses form the greatest percentage of health care industry professionals; hence, effective leadership and management in nursing practice are highly important.
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Leadership Styles
There are theories related to leadership styles which, managers can use as a guide to implement an effective leadership strategy. No single leadership strategy applies to all situations. However, the type of leadership mechanism used needs to take into considerations the interest of other individuals affected by a leader’s action.
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Leadership Styles in Nursing
According to the paper leadership is one of the most essential ingredients of effective management in terms of people, operations, control as well as change. Daniels explains leadership as the interpersonal process that involves motivating and guiding others to achieve goals; also, every nurse, regardless of title or position, is a manager, with a potential to be a leader by acquiring competencies that motivate, activate, and energize people around.
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Describe what is meant by 'leadership styles,' and discuss their applicability and importance to effective nursing leadership
Active and visible clinical leaders should create a safety and quality program that will impose constructive and sustainable improvements for the sick. They should also ensure that
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erefore is considered as one of the most important aspects of the organization and directly influences as to how the organization can compete and perform over the period of time. It is however, important to note that there can be different leadership styles or theories
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Leadership Styles
Visionary leadership aims at working, with clear goals and rules, to inspire employees in nursing homes. The strategic vision of nursing home is discussed by the employees under the supervision of directors of nursing and social
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Leadership styles
This style of leadership mostly leads to additional successfulness and very precise conclusions, since no leader can always be right all the time. Suggestions from the group members with, professional familiarity and proficiency craft a more comprehensive
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Nursing Leadership & Management
This essay will attempt to assess the leadership, management and care giving roles of the nurses as applied in the hospital experience. As seen in the research conducted by Chapman, Johnson & Kilner (2014), there are different forms of leadership
2 pages (500 words)Essay
of leadership that fits his personality. It is also potentially the most adaptive type of leadership. Based from sayeconomy.com in their article Situational Leadership by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey “managers must use different leadership styles depending on the situation. “. This basically means that managers and/or leaders must be responsive to the situations presented as well as the maturity and level of skill of their subordinates. This makes this style of leadership the most flexible type there is. This also makes this type of leadership adaptable for every type of leader and for every kind of team that will be doing certain tasks. This is a great fit for the writer’s philosophy of nursing leadership as the writer maintains that a nursing leader must be flexible, prepared for multiple types of occasions and situations, as well as promotes the growth and development of his or her subordinates. The nursing leader is the person that is responsible for his or her subordinate's performance, growth, as well as the person eventually responsible for the overall care of his or her nurse's patients, and this type of leadership gives the leader the tools he or she needs to perform without restricting himself or herself. Management VS. Leadership Although people may use both terms interchangeably, there are certain differences in their definitions and functions. According to teamtechnology.co.uk, in their article “Leadership And Management”, a leader sets “new direction or vision for a group that they follow” while a manager “controls or directs people/resources in a group according to principles or values that have already been established.” Essentially, this means that leaders present and spearhead improvements and changes and turns these improvements and changes into his or her team's new direction moving forward. On the other hand, by definition, a manager maintains the direction that a team or group is already in and manages or maintains and mitigates the resources that a team will be working with. These two functional definitions greatly differentiate the use and function of both of these terms. This basically provides us with a guideline on how and when to use both of these terms. An example would be; in the perspective of business, a manager is the head of a long time family business while a leader could be a newly hired store head that is introducing new procedures and policies for the store's


In the world of nursing, leadership capability is a must in order to keep everything tight, efficient and prepared, especially when emergency response is needed and necessary. …
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Nursing Leadership Styles And Management
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