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The Nature of Leadership Style in Nursing Management - Research Paper Example

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The present study would focus on the article ‘The Nature of Leadership style in Nursing Management’. The essay aims to analyze different aspects of the article such as substantive aspect; ethical aspects; methodological aspects and interpretive aspect…
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The Nature of Leadership Style in Nursing Management
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Extract of sample "The Nature of Leadership Style in Nursing Management"

Download file to see previous pages The research article ‘The Nature of Leadership style in Nursing Management’ by John Azaare and Janet Gross addresses the problem of leadership among the nurse managers, and how their leadership styles affect nurses and general operations of the health facility setting. The authors have adequately defined the problem as addressed in the research paper. Therefore, the purpose of the study is adequately stated and defined as identifying the style of leadership adopted by nurse leaders, the effectiveness of such leadership styles, and evaluating how different nurses react to such leadership styles in healthcare settings, are taken into account. The study is significant to nursing; it highlights problems in the administration of healthcare facilities and sensitizes nurse managers to adopt effective leadership styles that are evidence-based, and avoid styles that may demoralize the staff leading to low productivity. The significance of the study is to identify the nurse leadership styles in most developing nations such as Ghana, and how it affects the operations of healthcare facilities. The paradigm in use in the study is the naturalistic paradigm. In a naturalistic paradigm, there are a number of realities involved, which can only be studied holistically; they cannot be controlled, though a good level of understanding regarding these issues can be achieved. Similarly, in this research, there are a number of factors at play in determining the leadership styles of a nurse manager....
This approach increases the value of the study in that by connecting all the aspects of an inquiry in determining nurse managers’ leadership styles, and the effectiveness of such leadership in nursing, the researchers indirectly bring out a certain preferred approach to the idea of nurse leadership. Such preferred approach would be a managerial style that increases nurse motivation while promoting cooperation between the nurse and nurse manager. The theoretical framework which involves citing of previous researches is well integrated throughout the research. Using such a framework in the qualitative research allows the researchers to have some grounds through which they critically examine similar issues regarding nurse managers in different locations. Ethical Aspects The research adequately observed all the ethical requirements, and exhausted the necessary approval and permission from authorities before carrying out the research. Such included obtaining permission from the relevant hospital authorities before carrying out the research, requesting the nurse to participate in the research willingly, well informed, and by not revealing the names of the respondents and the hospitals in which the research was carried out. However, the author did not take due diligence in protecting the nurses from harm. The research portrays the nurse leaders as harsh and people who use authority to suppress their subordinates. The nurses participating in the above research were outsourced from nursing units and wards in the two hospitals. All the respondents were directly under a nurse manager in these hospitals. Consequently, there were chances of such nurse being victimized by the nurse managers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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