Application of concept Analysis to Clinical Practice - Essay Example

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The study aimed at providing useful definition for the concept within healthcare, which also has implications for future research. Along from nursing, other literature was also searched to prevent biasness of opinion. …
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Application of concept Analysis to Clinical Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Teamwork is considered a major facilitator for effective communication in various clinical settings. However, the meaning and nature of teamwork requires an in-depth research for effective translation of the concept into practice. As healthcare systems are regarded as organizations, teamwork helps to create more adaptive and productive working environments facilitating positive and cost-effective outcomes. Healthcare institutions throughout the world advocate the need for development of effective healthcare teams. Many researchers have even warned that lack of teamwork amongst healthcare individuals can lead to unsafe patient care practices. Better communication and understanding among healthcare professionals may reduce medication errors and effect patient outcomes positively. The lack of conceptual clarity with regards to actual representation of the concept is one of the major hindrances in clinical practice. ...
thod as a concept may imply number of meanings in different contexts and it is important for clarification of concept to be explored according to its unique context. As the understanding of teamwork concept was merely addressed in healthcare theories, the authors compared their findings with theories from organizational theory literature. In first two steps of the process, the concept of team work was identified and purpose of the analysis was established. The study aimed at providing useful definition for the concept within healthcare, which also has implications for future research. Along from nursing, other literature was also searched to prevent biasness of opinion. Various databases including, Medline, CINAHL, Web of Science and Cambridge Scientific Abstracts were searched for terms ‘team working’, ‘teamwork’, ‘team’ and ‘team working’ to screen titles. Existing definitions for the concept were also deeply researched from literature published in the last few decades. In the next step, the uses of the concept were identified. It is critical to note here that though the concept should be examined across different disciplines, but complete explorations can sometimes also render the results impractical. For instance, in human resource management, teamwork increases the expertise and skills of the employees. Learning capabilities are nourished and enhanced through team work in educational settings. In healthcare, team work reduces medical errors to a greater extent improving patient outcomes. Multiple definitions for ‘Team’ and ‘Work’ were both combined and separately sought and analyzed from various English as well as medical dictionaries for better understanding of the combined term. Some attributes of teamwork were also determined in the next ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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