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The Personal Ethics Action Plan - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author of the essay concludes that leadership, character, service, and ethics are the buzzwords that are often used wherever people gather together to work, study or play together, to combine efforts to achieve a common goal  and thought that he knew everything about ethics and leadership…
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The Personal Ethics Action Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Service means accomplishing some tasks to others for money, but it can also mean helping others for nothing in return, just because they are humans. Service is a natural human tendency or predisposition to offer their labor and talents to satisfy the needs of others.
Moral qualities are reflections of the person’s nature, such as courage, honesty and generosity, nobility. Psychologist Lawrence Pervin defines moral character as "a disposition to behave in expressing itself inconsistent patterns of functioning across a range of situations" (Pervin 1994, p. 108). The character is a personal quality defined by integrity, principled conviction, and ethical conduct.
The article Are You Too Family Friendly (Wells, 2007) points out that there are instances of discrimination that we are not aware are discriminatory. It relates a story of a married person allowed to leave work early on Halloween so that he could join his children trick-or-treating, whereas his single colleagues had to remain in the office. Upon complaints of discrimination by single employees without families, the CEO, Thomas Harpointer, wisely revises company policy to allow all employees, married or unmarried, to equitably avail of the same considerations.
Realistically, it is not possible for all people to be treated in completely the same way. Despite the seeming injustice of “discrimination”, there is a natural need to distinguish among differences in our employees (and anybody we deal with) because people are different. Just our common sense understanding of the differences among men and women, for instance, would tell us that some women would feel more physically indisposed during certain times of the month and may occasionally feel too sick to go to work, as compared to men who do not experience this. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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