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Chinese Film - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper, Chinese Film, stresses that the concept, role, and significance of sound in the cinematic analysis is highly debatable and even controversial with regard to the matter where scholars have aimed to define the boundaries of what in fact classifies as sound? …
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Chinese Film
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Extract of sample "Chinese Film"

Download file to see previous pages When silence triumphs in a cinematic work, the absence of sound entails a profound loss of meaning or the revival of meaning through the sheer scarcity of words. Thus, even in silence, the film is able to correspond with the audience by simply remarking that the gravity of emotion remains so intense in a given sequence that the power of words does not hold the strength to capture it successfully. The representation of these ideas and notions on the role of sound in cinema suggests that it is not appropriate to categorize the concept in a restricted sphere, thus, as this discussion progresses by examining the function of sound in the film “Infernal Affairs”, the term ‘sound’ covers dialogue, noise and moments of silence in the work and how these elements come together to convey the thematic elements of the film in an effective and successful manner.
The sound analysis of “Infernal Affairs” is fascinating because the film utilizes the individual elements of dialogue and music in a combinative fashion to generate greater impact. As noted by Buckland, the manner in which the film has been executed is distinguishable because it reflects the projection of a complex narrative and art of storytelling that essentially defies norms and preconceived judgments to challenge the audiences’ loyalties. The application of this critical aspect of the narrative structure to the concept of sound can be conducted by highlighting the relevant aspects of the plot. For example, in the presence of individualistic motives that lead to the death of Sam at the hands of Ming the attainment of success is not possible because the viewer can always question the purity of Ming’s intentions which of course is motivated by sheer selfishness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Chinese Film Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Chinese Film Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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