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Nursing Care Management - Essay Example

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Nursing Care Management -Factors that determine the effectiveness of the team and programmes of care have been not discussed-please do so. -no plagirism in the essay please. Introduction Based on the Nursing and Midwifery Code, like most professionals, nurses must secure their personal and professional development, understanding their experiences through reflection, research, and feedback…
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Nursing Care Management
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Download file to see previous pages This paper shall consider one care management episode from practice, assessing and evaluating the ways by which patient care is affected by negotiated, team performance, and multi-agency collaboration. It will discuss the impact of team work and the MDT on patient care. It will also discuss variables which impact on the efficacy of the team and the different programs of care. This paper will also analyse the ways by which my reflections and analysis will impact on my personal contributions for the team as a registered practitioner. The patient’s confidentiality will be protected at all times with assumed names assigned to individuals involved during my placement. The subject of this paper is Mrs. P, admitted to the hospital due to discomfort from her pubic catheter which already increased to moderate pain. She had one carer seeing her daily to manage her daily activities; but she got worse, and needed an increased care package as the carer could no longer manage her well. The fact that she was also asthmatic made the management more complicated. She stated that she needed 24 hour care and could no longer manage being alone at home. ...
She was again sent home with pain medications and antibiotics which still did not do much to relieve her symptoms. Prior to her discharge, the pharmacy helped sort out her medications, with the doctor assessing her condition on a regular basis and assessing if she was stable enough to be discharged. These professionals also organized her discharge letter. The nurse attended to her daily needs and monitored her vital signs, as well as her symptoms. The physiotherapist evaluated her mobility and her daily activities. Social services also participated in her care in order to help manage her home needs by assigning carers before her discharge. Being a student nurse involved in the nursing management process, my role was to assess the patients assigned to me in terms of routine nursing roles. Nursing care also involves the evaluation of individual patient needs (Gaberson and Oermann, 2010). In patients with identified health issues, the management process would often include the assistance of the multidisciplinary care team. Teamwork in the hospital setting is very much important because it helps ensure the efficient management of the patient’s illness, often allowing their effective transition into the community setting, and preventing readmissions (Komatsu,, 2011). Teams are individuals working with each other using similar tools and methods, seeking common goals via group efforts, and eventually establishing services which are more complete and superior in quality (Komatsu,, 2011). In the hospital setting, there are various health professionals working with each other and sharing information with each other. Factors affecting the success of care programmes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Care Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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