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Leadership in Clinical Nursing Education - Research Proposal Example

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This paper will speak about leadership in clinical nursing education. One can come across countless case studies that indicate extraordinary role of nurses in critical circumstances and thus, it deserves significant importance…
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Leadership in Clinical Nursing Education
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Extract of sample "Leadership in Clinical Nursing Education"

Download file to see previous pages nces where he observed the significant role of nurses in extraordinary circumstances (it will be better if you add one example that you have experienced), such as that in emergency departments, intensive care units, etc. However, during such experiences, it was an observation that these experiences were nothing like that is usually mentioned in nurses’ theoretical framework in Oman, and there is an urgent need of efficient in-service clinical nursing education. In other words, it is an understanding that the role of nursing as a profession, as well as their status and character needs alteration in the context of Omani healthcare environments that will be possible by the availability of high-quality in-service clinical nursing education. In this regard, findings and outcomes of the proposed research will act as foundation of such premise that will be beneficial for the new generation of nurses in the country in terms of new opportunities for the acquisition of capabilities and skills required. In addition, it will be advantageous for the government, as it will have the opening to redefine the notion of nursing in the country. PRELIMINARY LITERATURE REVIEW Brief review of the literature (Marquis & Huston, 2008) has indicated that nursing enjoys massive popularity in developed parts of the globe due to its significant role of caring in human lives. However, in developing nations, it still lacks importance, and most importantly, there seems a gap between realistic circumstances and theoretical frameworks existing in clinical nursing education. The basic disparity is that all nurses receive the same nature of education during their learning process; however, it is an observation (Miller, 2008) that when confront realistic healthcare settings, nurses feel disparity between...
This paper approves that researcher completely understands the significance of ethical consideration in the research, and thus, while carrying out primary research methodology, the researcher will put extra efforts to ensure confidentiality and privacy of participants for the fulfillment of ethical guidelines. For this purpose, the researcher will endeavor to acquire written permission from the ethics committee of the universities, as well as from the hospitals. At the same time, researcher will inform participants about objectives of the proposed study before beginning of the data collection process that will be a way of encouraging truthful answers from the participants and ensuring data integrity. In addition, during the interview, the researcher will ensure that name of the participant remain anonymous in order to avoid any unwilling response during the study.
This paper makes a conclusion that in particular, the proposal indicates intention of the researcher to bring a change, particularly, in the regulatory organization for nurses in the Sultanate of Oman in terms of the status of nursing as a profession. In addition, the researcher anticipates an alteration in the form of a new framework of in-service education that will be beneficial for the healthcare industry, as well as for education sector of the country. Briefly, the researcher expects that after approval of the research, findings of the proposed study will be an efficient contribution to the world of academia in the form of a published report, and believes that recommendations of the proposed study will play a noteworthy role in enhancing the role of nurses and nursing in the future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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