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Leadership and nursing care management - Case Study Example

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Decision making in Hospitals Name Institution Date Decision Making in Hospitals Introduction Hospitals constantly need to hire the services of doctors, nurses, or other hospital personnel with the aim of delivering quality health services to the patients. Health care is a highly sensitive and significant part of the community, therefore, hospital personnel need to highly skilled and knowledgeable…
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Leadership and nursing care management
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Download file to see previous pages However, the hospital has some preconditions that need to be reexamined to facilitate a smooth recruitment process of the nurses and help retain them in the hospital. The two years medical surgical experience required can be lowered to one year and the nurses can be offered bonuses among other provisions that will enable the hospital attract registered nurses and retain them. As the ICU Nurse Manager, you are required to act with immediate effect in order to address this situation. 1. Steps the ICU Nurse Manager takes to outline a plan to address the issue There are several steps that an individual can take as the ICU Nurse Manager, to outline a plan to address the problems facing the hospital. These include following certain steps that one will take to outline the plan needed to solve this problem. Firstly, one identifies the problem. Secondly, one determines the goals to be met. Thirdly, prepare a plan in order to get a solution. Fourthly, implement the plan. Fifthly, assess the outcome by evaluation (Scholastic Reading Club, 2013). Formulating the appropriate assessment tools and channels will help determine if the candidates who apply for the FTE position, are qualified to meet the required standards. Considering other cheaper expenses should be an issue to consider since the hospital wants to contain costs. Identify the problem Determine the goals to be met Prepare a plan to get the solution Implement the plan Assess the outcome 2. Data needed In order to facilitate the recruitment of the new registered nurses, the nurse manager needs data that will help facilitate the process of attracting new nurses and retaining them. The nurse manager needs data to show the implications of lowering the experience required to hire the new full time nurses. This calls for information from nursing articles and journals. The training and recruitment processes will require data to ensure that it is conducted excellently and effectively. This information will be sought from past hospital records and nursing journals and articles. The nurse manager will require information from the budget to ensure that the new financial costs can easily be borne by the hospital. Therefore, financial documents will be sought from the finance department of the hospital. Five alternative actions for meeting this directive Some alternative actions can be employed in an effort to attract, hire and retain a workforce comprising of experienced, committed and dedicated nurses. The hospital can offer incentives that will attract the nurses and give them pleasing offers that will leave them desiring to work for a longer period in the hospital. First, the hospital should lower the years of experience needed to hire the registered nurses. This can be put at one-year experience to attract a large number of younger nurses. Second, the hospital can offer longevity bonuses that will offer increasing bonuses to the nurses with the number of years they are working in the hospital. Third, the hospital can collaborate with the community to build a better relationship that will help it in attracting new nurses even from the local community. Fourth, the hospital can offer loan forgiveness programs that will pay a certain amount of money to clear the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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