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Leadership effectiveness: differ from centralization vs.decentralization - Research Paper Example

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Leadership effectiveness: differ from centralization vs. decentralization Name: University: Introduction Centralization refers to the extent to which formal authority is centered in one area/level of the organisation; usually the top management that is responsible for making key decisions (Jean, 2005)…
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Leadership effectiveness: differ from centralization vs.decentralization
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Extract of sample "Leadership effectiveness: differ from centralization vs.decentralization"

Download file to see previous pages The degree may differ for different duties and responsibilities. Overly centralized structures are powerful deterrents to leadership because they create enormous bureaucracies where pressures to comply and conform are relentless. Centralization may destroy effective leadership. In order to produce a decisive group of leaders, leadership needs to be awakened and advanced in a lot of people. For leadership to thrive, a fluid environment and various practices opportunities are needed. In overly centralized organizations, ownership is lessened and visibility is low, resulting in apathy and not leadership. Large organisations possess vices inherent to their nature as well as centralizing systems. It is essential to give responsibilities and foster entrepreneurship from within, in order to create success conditions. Opening statement Clinical nursing leadership is a significant factor in the provision of good patient care, and for the development of nursing practice. It also helps in the creation of productive work environments for healthcare specialists. In more practical terms, effective leadership in nursing is perceived as a cost effective approach to enhance patient outcomes in times of constrained fiscal resources. Effective leaders provide direction, influence change and empower others. Effective nurse leadership concerns itself with the shift from duty oriented nursing to transformational nurse leadership (Murphy, 2008). Problem statement/purpose of the study In the contemporary world, nursing services claim to be decentralized because it is highly recommended by the experts. However, one has to observe closely to distinguish what is essentially decentralized and what is not. In some instances, decentralization becomes a ploy weakening and weakening a united nursing service. Nursing leadership and management has been centralized for a long time, leaving decision making to the authority, which may not be knowledgeable on the effect of their policies at the implementation levels (Valda, 2003). However, times have changed, and so are nursing customers, technology, and nursing workforce. As such, nursing leadership needs to move from leadership centralization to effective leadership in order to incorporate these changes and developments. In addition, the world of governance has changed with the advent of globalization. This implies that shared governance has to be embraced across all sectors including nursing practice. Effective leadership model in nursing seeks to empower nurses to decisions at the point of care regarding the client and the practice environment. Research questions 1. To what extent does leadership effectiveness affect workers task performance? 2. What is the relationship between effective leadership and worker job satisfaction? 3. How does leadership effectiveness affect the self confidence among nurses? 4. To what extent does leadership effectiveness and decision making related in nursing practice? Hypothesis Leadership effectiveness differs from centralization leadership, which affects follower’s task performance, decision making, self confidence and job satisfaction, as opposed to decentralization in healthcare. Theoretical framework Effective leaders in nursing practice play a pivotal role in sustaining a magnet culture (satisfaction and retention of workers). A work environment that promotes an autonomous and professional nursing practice is vital in increasing job ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership Effectiveness: Differ from Centralization Research Paper.
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