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Nursing Contract: What Are Inflections Control Strategies - Essay Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Nursing Contract Introduction What are infections Control Strategies? Infection control strategies is a term that is used to basically refer to those activities and procedure that are implemented with the aim of minimizing or preventing the eventual risk of transmission of infectious diseases within a given location or environment…
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Nursing Contract: What Are Inflections Control Strategies
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Download file to see previous pages The success of any infection control strategy is mainly dependent on efforts made at ensuring that the working environment is kept as safe as possible. This normally entails the identification of any biological and environmental hazards as well as making initiatives aimed at classifying any associated risks and eventually implementing some relevant control and preventive measures (Rhinehart and Friedman 86). These guidelines are found to be useful in the provision of a basis that will help the personnel working in areas that are classified to be high risk areas, in the development of protocols that will be found to be well detailed and have measures aimed at covering system infection control that will be specific to the said environment. Such detailed protocols will be found to be useful in the provision of general assistance in any intended reduction of the risk exposure as well as minimizing the likelihood of infection transmission. Through several policies that have been made by the NSW health, the government has been shown to be quite active in ensuring that there are adequate policies governing infection control strategies. Its policy document has been drawn with the aim of make certain that the wellbeing of all guests and patients in a healthcare setting. The NSW policy document categorically points out that medical practitioner will be deemed as having disobeyed the law if they happen to fail to comply with the guidelines and policies contained in NSW infection control regulations. It goes on to point out that The OH&S Act of 2000, points out that an employer is solely responsible for ensuring that his workers are adequately protected against any potential infections while they are in the course of doing their work. The employers should ensure that they develop effective infection control strategies that will help them attain the objectives of this legislation (NSW Health 1). How to apply basic infection control strategies It is often found that infections in a health care setting can easily spread from one person to another. This can happen via several avenues including, when an infected patient is receiving healthcare service, they may unknowingly infect fellow patients. Health workers are often infected in the course of their duty as they are busy carrying out health care duties and hospital workers and other persons who happen to interact or work with patients in a mostly healthcare environment setting also run a high risk of infection. This transmission of infectious diseases is commonly referred to as cross infection (Bennett et al, 477). Efforts aimed at the implementation of basic infection control strategies are generally aimed at effecting some standard precautions. These standard precautions are designed to envelope three major areas which are; Ensuring the promotion of safe work practices during the treatment and care of all the clients visiting a health facility regardless of their presumed or even known infection status is crucial. These standard precautionary measures are designed to cover the protection of both the healthcare workers as well as the patients visiting the facility. The basic standards are designed in such a way that the hospital staff always maintains the minimum required infection control levels in all situations and settings in the hospital. The key components of a well-planned infection ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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