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Research Methodology, Design and Process - Essay Example

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Running head: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, DESIGN, AND PROCESS Research Methodology, Design, and Process Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 21 November 2011 Research Methodology, Design, and Process Introduction Leslie F. Stebbins observes that there is no one way to do research; however, different strategies can be undertaken to carry out the research (Stebbins, 2006)…
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Research Methodology, Design and Process
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Download file to see previous pages Nursing practice, like other professions, has constantly been enriched and improved by research critical evaluation strategies. As a result, research critical evaluation involves the most effective means of collecting, analyzing, and evaluating information regarding any aspect in (nursing) practice (Stebbins 2006). The critically generated information becomes the basis of making decision in any field with the aim of improving or filling out the deficiencies that other materials demonstrate. Conducting research is a process that follows specific steps, where in most cases, it has been found seven critical steps are followed. The seven steps are: defining research question, asking for help, developing research strategy and locating resources to use in conducting the research, utilizing the most effective search techniques, reading critically, synthesizing and seeking meaning, understanding the scholarly communication process and citing sources, and lastly, evaluating the sources in the most effective critical way (Stebbins 2006). ...
In addition, the review will involve establishing whether the author (s) state explicitly the ideas and information contained in the article; what contribution the article has on the topic it presents; and kind materials presented in the work. This is in addition to how the materials have been expressed and argue about the topic being presented; what alternatives exist in terms of arguing on the materials presented; the available and presentation of theoretical issues in the article; and lastly, the impersonal reaction/argument with regard to the article presented. Quantitative and qualitative research works are both utilized in the nursing practice, with the processes of critique evaluating these two types of information differing greatly. In this research project, critical evaluation of two articles will be conducted whereby, the quantitative critique review will be conducted on an article titled, ‘Measuring self-perceived public health nursing’, while qualitative critical review will be conducted on an article titled, ‘Barriers to, and facilitators of post-operative pain management in Iran Nursing’. The third article selected to be used in enriching information for the two articles is the article titled, ‘Delineating the role of a cohort of clinical research nurses in a pediatric cooperative clinical trials groups’. It should be known that the basis of article critical review and evaluation would largely be carried out within the precepts of purpose and objectives of the article, design process, and nature of the article, setting framework of the article, sampling procedure and technique, methods of investigations, research variables, findings, and applicability of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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