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Nurse-case Sensitive indicators: Management of Dengue Fever in Villas de Trujillo Name Institution Nurse-case Sensitive indicators: Management of Dengue Fever on the residents of Villas de Trujillo Quality improvement initially referred to as a statistical process control was first pioneered in 1920 by Dr Walter Shewhart…
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Quality Improvement Project
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Download file to see previous pages There is the need to have clear aims of improvement, ways of monitoring the progress, as well as the willingness among all the clinicians to implement changes whenever evidence is presented. For this to be achieved Clinicians should lead in the health care reforms and avoid being destructed or driven by the existing regulations, payments or otherwise fear of the unknown. There are tools and methods that can help the clinicians to work together in studying the practice issues to help them arrive at agreed upon method. One of the nurse-sensitive indicator that clinicians should consider as a means to implementing changes in health care services is the Dengue Fever infections, which is one of the break bone fever. The dengue fever is among the known infectious tropical diseases brought about by the dengue virus (WHO, 1997). Dengue disease is among the emerging infectious diseases that has been posing threats to the human population commonly in blood transfusion recipients. It is currently an expanding problem in both the tropical, as well as subtropical regions (Knoop, 2010). On the global scale, it is the most frequent arbiviral infectious disease, estimated at 100 million cases for dengue fever yearly, 300,000 cases for dengue hermorrhagic, and about 30,000 deaths annually (Gubler, 2010). The infections for Dengue virus are reported in more than one hundred countries, with estimated 2.5 billion people living in dengue endemic areas. It has been reported that Dengue cases commonly occur among the international travelers (Chen, 2010). It has, therefore, emerged to be a major concern for the international public health. Dengue disease is transmitted by some mosquito species in the genus Aedes. Some of the symptoms of dengue fever include pains of the muscles and joints, fever, and headaches. It is characterized by the skin rash resembling measles rushes (Chen, 2010). The disease might develop into dengue hemorrhage fever, which is life-threatening and this might lead to bleeding, low blood pressures and plasma leakages (Suharyono, 2007). So far, there is no known developed vaccine for the disease. Prevention of the disease is, therefore, sought through the reduction of the habitat and the mosquitoes, as well as limiting exposures to the mosquito bites. The environment that aggravates the occurrence of dengue infections include the mosquito prone environments such as tropical warm regions, bushy areas that favor mosquito breeding, and other conducive mosquito favoring conditions (Wolff, & Johnson, 2009). For the past ten years, incidences of dengue fever have dramatically increased in Villas de Trujillo. Reported cases range from five thousands to ten thousands per year in Villas de Trujillo area alone. This paper explores the planning of a Dengue Community Action Program, which is meant to reduce the rising cases of Dengue infections in Villas de Trujillo. The paper involves examining of the authentic workplace quality improvement need for the residents of Villas de Trujillo using data to support Dengue community Action Program, applying the quality improvement model in the identified need, determining members of the quality improvement team, and identifying a leader who would champion the quality improvement initiative. To address the issues listed above, the paper is segmented into five parts. Part one involves clearly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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