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Navajo Music - Essay Example

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In the research paper “Navajo Music” the author analyzes the Navajo’s music, which can be analyzed using the four components of music culture. The four components are ideas about music, activities involving music, repertories of music and material culture. …
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Navajo Music
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Download file to see previous pages The context of music is considered in terms of where it should be performed, she function that it serves and the type of audience. The history of the music is also considered.  Navajo music is made up of wide range of genres such as rap, rock and country music and they are performed in either their native language or in English. It traditional takes the form of ceremonial chants and echo themes. The ancient Navajo music is vocal accompanied by instruments such as rattles, rasp, flute, bullroarer and drumsticks. Their songs are mainly sacred with spiritual messages in them. They also have patriotic, recreational and work songs that do not have sacred themes in them. The popular songs are for public performances while the sacred ones are reserved for religious ceremonies and events.2. Activities involving musicThis is concerned with how the people put music into practice. It further answers the question on how the practice of making the music is reflected in the larger social norms. The Navajo perform their sacred music in ceremonies and rituals that are usually not to be recorded, filmed or made available to the members of the public in any way. The singers who sing the sacred songs must also be qualified to offers prayers to the gods. The vocalists who lead the prayers are in a position to come up with harmony, balance as well as health matters in the songs.This aspect of music considers the style, genres, text, movement, transmission, composition and text. Style is defined as the organization of the music sound ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Navajo Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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