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Different Level of Sociality in the Dream City of London - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Different Level of Sociality in the Dream City of London” the author analyzes the ethical standards of the English culture. Humanity’s contemporary ethics are believed to be emanating from the featured society. The social parties in the English community are very organized…
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Different Level of Sociality in the Dream City of London
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Extract of sample "Different Level of Sociality in the Dream City of London"

Download file to see previous pages The American culture and social norms are very divergent from those prevalent in the English community. The American social rules permit a certain level of disorganization and less formality (Maureen & Sandra 2013). The essence of the American community is embedded in the need for allowing people to express themselves and their feelings and emotions. The American culture is developed with the help of submerging different cultural and national identities and therefore, the society is exhibiting various colors of different cultures and societies. The English nation, on the other hand, is famous for having its roots in formalization. The English are more than happy to uphold their family names and honors. The societal norms are designed to fulfill the abovementioned need. The historical context must be taken into account in order to understand the marked differences in both of the featured societies. The social occasions are identified as an effective and efficient measure of understanding the cultural outlook of the community. I have observed while attending a party in London that youngsters were heavily guarded against socializing with strangers. The behaviors of the juniors were also strictly regulated and monitored by elders. The youngsters are also encouraged to exchange pleasantries with close family friends with passing on physical clues such as raising an eyebrow for pointing out a behavioral flaw (Jin & Li 2013). The youngsters’ conversations were interrupted by elders on more than one occasion as they were heading in the wrong direction. The humans are always noticed to seek legitimization of their actions from the society. However, in the case of the English community, the need for acceptability is much higher than that in the American one (Muntaner 2013). The American parties are more rocking in style and therefore, the groupings form naturally. The participants from the same age groups hang out together. The individual behaviors are not guided intensively. The historical need and want of American society to accommodate people from the number of cultures are being consistently translated into accommodative societal and normative behaviors and attitudes. American society’s ability to produce artists and scholars is supported and enhanced by relaxed societal norms (Sousa, Martins, & Fernandesa 2013). The concept and idea of participative and open book management grew out of American culture because of its tendency to give everyone the basic and fundamental right of self-representation and freedom of speech. The English corporate culture is recognized as more rigid and due to this reason, the companies operating in the country are observed to follow a machine metaphor towards organizational existence and culture. The country is, therefore, plagued with all organizations with high formalization. England in the view modern social scientists are being run in the light of old and outdated managerial concepts and therefore, its poor performance as a nation is understandable. Personal freedoms are denied in the name of culture and norms. The people are not allowed to speak their mind. They are being herded like mindless animals. The elders feel proud and take credit for training the next generation to be civilized.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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