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Deprivation-Related Health Issues in North East London - Essay Example

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Are health priorities by local units immediately above the boroughs reflecting the needs of the boroughs, especially those with relatively high incidence of poverty? This question is an urban health issue because urbanization may advance but poverty can persist with the urbanization…
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Deprivation-Related Health Issues in North East London
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Download file to see previous pages Indeed there are ailments associated with poverty (Stevens 2004). We explore the issue of whether urban health programs are cognizant of urban poverty; in particular, whether urban health programs of the boroughs are cognizant of urban poverty. We shall use the cases of North East London and a borough under North East London---the Barking and Dagenham Borough. Barking & Dagenham Borough is populated by 179,900 people in 3,611 hectares (London Council, 2013).
In turn, the North East Boroughs covers a fairly wide area that includes the boroughs of Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Havering, Barking & Dagenham, Newham and Tower Hamlets. Last January 2011, several committees organized by National Health Service arrived at six key decisions on what services to emphasise in North East London (Health for North East London, 2011). The document explicitly identified that the Barking & Dagenham Borough is under their jurisdiction. The priorities of the health program are in the following areas. First, there is a consensus to provide medical and surgical inpatient and critical care in five hospitals of the locality. Second, there is a decision to develop models of maternity care in five hospitals. ...
on 24/7 urgent care and general services, short stay assessment and treatment for children and adults, diagnostics, child health, outpatient facilities and diagnostic services cancer day care, and renal dialysis. Finally or sixth, complex vascular surgery was to be consolidated in two sites---Royal London and Queen’s Hospital. It may be appropriate to assess the appropriateness of the January 2011 decisions in the light of health and socio-economic figures of the area. As we can see in Figure 1, North East London is one of the areas of London with a high degree of “deprivation” compared to all the areas of London and second only to City and East London based on the state of “deprivation.” Figure 1. London and level of deprivation Source: Rogers (2012) Figure 2 also show that many localities of North East London have a high child poverty rate as shown by the red and light shades of Figure 2. North East London can be ranked third compared to City & East and Enfield & Haringey for having large areas with very high rates of child poverty. It is reasonable to expect that the high child poverty rates reflect themselves on the area’s state of health and the types of diseases and ailments which have high incidence and prevalence in the locality. Further, it is likely that the impact on people’s lives of a particular ailment and diseases would be different based on their state of deprivation and non-deprivation. Figure 2. Child poverty Source: Rogers (2012) A word of caution in using the Rogers (2012) data, however, is that the methodology for the estimates is not immediately available. Rogers (2012) attributes to Alasdair Rae of the University of Sheffield his source of data. Rogers (2012) reported that Rae used government indices for his graphics: the graphics ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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