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The role of immigrants in the growth of national economy and issues that surround their illegal influx has always been a crucial dilemma which gave birth to heated debates on benefits that immigrants bring to us and drain of social resources that is a natural outcome of their…
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Select one of the following topics for your essay
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"Select one of the following topics for your"

Download file to see previous pages s registered in public opinion polls emphasizes such aliens’ use of educational, health, and welfare services or the added costs to the criminal justice system caused by illegals.” In addition to the resource utilization by illegal immigrants their extended load on economy and maintenance of security have become serious challenges in the recent past.
Now is the time for this nation to decide and prohibit any illegal entrance into its homeland. We need to focus on more serious technological advancement instead of involvement in useless issues and conflicts as well as leaving an additional burden over border and security agencies. The cost and benefit analysis and studies on legal immigration and illegal entrances are now mature and should be dealt accordingly. Another aspect of the debate over legal and illegal immigrants is that more and more Americans are now growing aggressive and blunt in their outrage against illegal immigrants. This may cause damage to our national harmony and peace of mind no matter how liberal we are. Schor states, “We are running out of resources and available tax dollars and yet we have people who want more immigrations. This is dumb. I do not feel that my tax dollars should be spent on illegal immigrants.” The sentiment against illegal immigrants gets more and more intensified whenever our civic requirements are not aptly fulfilled for US citizens and legal immigrants. Health care, transportation, welfare, education, utilities, natural resources etc. there is drain everywhere and there a staunch disagreement everywhere on immigration policies that supports legalization of illegal immigrants.
The most important aspect of this debate is the morality concerns over the argument that illegal immigrants should face a denial of civic resources because legal or illegal they are present on our soil and people favors a minimum life standard for them. Terminating health care, education, food and jobs assistance to these illegal immigrants ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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