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Integration of Third Country Nationals in the EU - Essay Example

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In the aftermath of the Second World War a number of previously held European colonies gained independence. Despite their success in obtaining liberty they were empirically not able to develop themselves in the initial phases of their governance and joined the already huge block of third world countries…
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Integration of Third Country Nationals in the EU
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Download file to see previous pages In the last 20 years the issue of migration of third world citizens to the European countries has gained particular importance and the member states of the European Union have shown special concern to the matter. The first such move to address the matter was taken in the early 1990's with the treaty of Amsterdam which was first such move of the European Council taken in order to safeguard the social and political rights of third country nationals within the Europe.
Such a move along with the ongoing efforts in trying to curtail the immigration in the Europe and tightening the Immigration and Asylum policies was conceived by many observers a stride towards a new culture that will be tolerant, supportive and nondiscriminatory towards the immigrants. Consequently the European Council met in 1999 and drafted a set of procedures at Tampere that guaranteed political rights and a treatment to the third world citizens that would be analogous to EU nationals. The main aim of the conference was to design an integrated policy for the entire European Union. Despite these efforts to homogenize the policies regarding the assimilation of the third world national a number of imperative decisions regarding the employment and other important economic and social aspects were left with the member states and this marked for the insufficiency of the measures to a great extent. One of the factors underlining the varying responses amongst the Europeans has been the discrepancy in the level of exposure to the immigrants. Certain have developed a great deal of deal of acumen regarding the issue through continuous interaction with the immigrant inflow for over a long time as compared to these nations a few of the EU member states have only lately been faced with immigration. This factor has resulted in a wide variety of approaches to find a resolution to the matter.
As the percentage of the non-Europeans increases and with the every chance of further enhancement in the number the need for a regulated and uniform effort becomes more than significant. Moreover to eliminate the possible threats of discrimination, social exclusion, xenophobia and racism it is extremely vital to make a concerted effort to develop an effective set of policies and procedures regarding the integration of the third country inhabitants.
What is Integration
This has been subject that has been dealt with respect to a number of principal subject areas including sociology, mathematics and a number of other sciences. Often it has been defined as a term but very seldom has it been looked upon as a concept. Integration as a concept in the context of this subject has been defined as a dynamic, multidimensional process that incorporates mutual socioeconomic, political, legal and cultural accommodation by all immigrants and residents of Member States of the European Union.
The basic aim behind the introduction of the phenomenon is to assimilate a universal culture within Europe and to train the third world nationals in the local language, norms, values and to develop them as a permanent fragment, notwithstanding of the color, of the European Society.
Importance of Integration to the EU member states
Democracy and equality have been popular slogans of the West in the latter part of the 20th century. Realizing that equal contribution by all parties is at the heart of democracy and that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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