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Why do I Believe in Canada - Essay Example

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Why do people want to leave their homeland and move to another country? Leaving their homeland means leaving their loved ones and familiar surroundings where they grew up. For some, it is also leaving their values, their culture, their national food and even their language. …
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Why do I Believe in Canada
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"Why do I Believe in Canada"

Download file to see previous pages The most important safety need for a human being is personal health. Without health, all other needs are of little consequence. Canada offers all its citizens universal health care, regardless of their income. Unlike the American health care system, in Canada one cannot be denied treatment because he or she does not have medical insurance. Figure 1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Besides medical support, Canadian immigration rules foster family unity and support. People immigrating to Canada can bring their families with them including their children. 40% of the annual immigration to Canada comes under the family reunion and refugee programs .The country’s economic benefits include social support for people who are unemployed or otherwise struggling. Furthermore, those with children are guaranteed child benefits. What’s more, once an immigrant acquires resident status, he or she can help bring over his or her family by sponsoring parents and siblings. Another important advantage is that within three years of being an immigrant in Canada, the person is granted permanent resident status. Permanent residents are entitled to most of the rights and privileges of Canadian citizens. These include equal treatment and equal protection, equal legal rights, freedom of movement from province to province, etc. While most of these rules also apply to temporary Canadian residents, there are some that are exclusive to citizens and permanent residents. These are Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB), retirement benefits like old age security, guaranteed income supplement and Canada pension (Berez, 2007). Besides the abovementioned privileges that I received in Canada, my positive opinion of Canada has also been shaped by school, family, teachers, and the...
To begin with, “Canada is among the world's foremost refugee resettlement countries and is signatory to international agreements that affirm its commitment to the protection of refugee rights”.
Secondly, Canada offers many benefits to its permanent residents. Commenting on the Canadian immigration policy, Kaur says that Canadian government is interested in the country’s growth and development and its point system helps to bring in highly skilled foreign workers. According to the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs, Canada is the fifth most popular country for people to migrate, the first one being the United States of America.
Canada has also been shaped by school, family, teachers, and the media, through socialization. Socialization helps people operate successfully and with ease in their social lives. This process takes place via interaction with family members, teachers, schools, and media. When I moved to Canada, my family gave me all-encompassing support. They were my first friends in Canada, which made everything look okay. Before making friends, I would stay back at home and watch the television. This assisted me a lot in seeing how the Canadians lead their lives and in understanding of their culture and norms. The media made it much easier for me as it gave me a rough idea of what I should expect from the Canadians. The internet, newspapers and radio also helped me improve my social norms. The significance of school in socialization cannot be overlooked due to the fact that students spend there about seven hours a day. There, besides studying, the students perform many activities and play games, and this plays a significant role in their socialization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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