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Prostitution A Social Issue in Canada - Research Paper Example

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This writing “Prostitution – A Social Issue in Canada” will focus on the theories proposed by conflict and functionalist theorists regarding prostitution and will seek to explain why prostitution have not been countered even when several rules and regulations are in place to counter these activities. …
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Prostitution A Social Issue in Canada
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Download file to see previous pages Confusion has been created because activities associated with sex trade are illegal but exchange of money for a sexual purpose is considered as legal. This writing will focus on the theories proposed by conflict and functionalist theorists regarding prostitution and this writing will seek to explain why prostitution have not been countered even when several rules and regulations are in place to counter these activities. Body Functionalist Perspective Out of the three sociological perspectives, the functionalists believe that certain quantity of crime and deviant behavior is important for the society so society can operate in a stable manner. Emile Durkheim one of the functionalist theorists believes that due to deviance, people living a particular society are able to differentiate between right and wrong (Franzese, 2009, p.12). They are able to identify deviant behaviors from those behaviors that are acceptable to the society. He states that society punishes those conduct behaviors that are deviant according to the norms of a society and when they punish deviant actors, other realize that the activities conducted by deviant actors are not to be carried out as that would lead to severe punishment. Similarly prostitution is regarded as a deviant act and activities associated with it such as human trafficking, purchase of sex, brokerage of sex and pimping are all considered as deviant activities by Canada. Those individuals who are involved in conducting these activities are considered deviant by the Canadian society and rule of law. Canada has levied heavy sanctions against these activities in order to help people of its society differentiate between right and wrong and by applying sanctions to the...
While defining and explaining the nature of prostitution, conflict theorists resort to feminism for their concepts. According to feminists, functionalist theorists only view a society that is sexist in nature and believe that immoral males are not threatening the society’s moral order and only the prostitutes who are indulged in the act of immoral sex are a threat to the moral order of the society. This clearly explains the reasons due to which women are mostly arrested for conducting the act of prostitution as compared to men who are indulged in the same activity. The main reason due to which men are not considered as a threat to the moral existence of the society is that they reflect the dominant class of the gender divide and are expected to manipulate and exploit women. Functionalists believe that as men exploit women and dominate them, they end up creating the system of prostitution and they even indulge in the act of creating demand and supply for the act of prostitution. According to the demand side, when males are young, they are taught by the society to be dominant over women and as they reach adulthood, the society teaches them to gain domination over women regarding sex which they realize and learn when they have sex with prostitutes. When a young adult does not want to be indulged in the act of prostitution or purchase of sex work, he is persuaded by his peer members to indulge in the act. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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