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Immigrants and the City - Essay Example

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Immigrants and the City The universe in which we live consists of numerous stars, planets, comets, and asteroids that originated billions and trillions of years ago. While looking at the facet of life structures that subsist and survive, and the utilization of solar and lunar energies on the planet of Earth, makes Earth the most distinctive, unique and exceptional planet in comparison to others discovered in the universe…
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Immigrants and the City
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Download file to see previous pages United States of America is one of the developed countries in its economic, political, social, and environmental sectors and is amongst the super powers of the world since decades. Fifty-two states in total makes up the U.S. as a federal constitutional nation. U.S. touches its borders with Canada and Mexico and Washington D.C. is its capital state (United States Bureau of the Census, pp. 640-715, 2004). Due to its gigantic land mass and huge population, United States comes under the world rankings. Diversity dominates the culture of U.S. as people from several races, civilizations and backgrounds reside in it. It is one of the most powerful nations with the strongest and most established economy (Kleniewski, pp. 167-190). U.S. economy comes under handling by the capitalist economical structure and subjects to domination by industrial and service segments. Advanced telecommunication, transportation, and technology govern the success of the financial sector of America. Its economy is trade based and it is one of the leading importers and exporters of manufactured goods and some fossil fuels. It is also a nuclear power and is rich in resources, which makes it potential of producing electrical energy in gargantuan amounts (Kleniewski, pp. 167-190). Agriculture sector contributes a small part in U.S. total income; however, U.S. cultivates some of the important crops on its land. The value of U.S. dollar plays a critical and significant role in governing the currency value of most of the countries in the world (United States Bureau of the Census, pp. 640-715, 2004). United States is a country with the populace from all around the world. The immigration history dates back to several centuries. According to some schools of thought (Fisher, pp. 6-50, 2007), the earliest immigrants were from several regions of European continent and marked the beginning of influx of people in America from different corners of the world, whereas, few believed that Asians were the initial migrants (Kleniewski, pp. 167-190). Where numerous people came to America by their own will, many coercively came under bringing as slaves and labors. The migration pattern experienced a fluctuating trend as many historical events had influenced the happening (Fisher, pp. 6-50, 2007). The purposes with which the immigrants migrated to United States were either religious, slavery and to have a wealthy life or future. The early migrations did not involve any kind of immigration policies and visas as people mostly migrated via sea routes. Consequently, United States observed a major escalation in the population growth and cultural diversity as people from different ethnic backgrounds came and settled there. The discrimination factor has always been present when considering the immigration matter. This enormity became noticeable and got official recognition under an act when countless people inhabited the U.S. territory and government came into formation (Kleniewski, pp. 167-190). According to this Act, white people received higher preference over people of other skin tones such as browns and blacks (Fisher, pp. 6-50, 2007). This practice came under eradication in late twentieth century when legal steps gave equal immigration rights to everyone regardless of their color, race, and religion. The entrance to America ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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