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The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas ( Style is Annals of the Associatio n of American Geographers , AAAG) - Essay Example

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It is estimated that about three percent of the world’s population currently live outside of their country of origin (Skandalis 2012). In different urban areas immigration has had different impact that depends on factors such as…
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The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas ( Style is Annals of the Associatio n of American Geographers , AAAG)
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Extract of sample "The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas ( Style is Annals of the Associatio n of American Geographers , AAAG)"

Download file to see previous pages This has also led to discrimination and racial segregation when it comes to certain privileges. Immigration has been used as a means to human right violation and slavery in certain parts of the world yet in certain areas human rights have been observed with the best effort.
While the phenomenon immigration has existed for centuries, it was after the Second World War that immigration started gaining momentum. This was due to factors such as religious conflicts, political instability, and economic constraints in their countries of origin. Migration has led to changes in how countries shape up in areas such as education, economy, culture, and even social life. The new environments that migrants experience present diverse challenges which have led them to adapt in different ways. In Greece, for example, the Cold War made natives flee their country which had a poor economy, in search of better life in places like the United States, Canada, Australia, and other more developed counties (Skandalis 2012). However, after the Cold War and with the fall of the communist era in Eastern Europe, Greece became an attractive place for immigrants from Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, and other less developed countries in Eastern Europe. Other immigrants in the country came from outside of Europe, from India and Afghanistan. This had a huge impact on the economy and society of Greece. What was once a homogenous society became a culture and linguistic mosaic. The immigrants managed to deal with barriers such as confusing legislation and unfriendly entrepreneurial climates to become farmers, construction workers, and employees in other sectors, overwhelming even the natives (Skandalis 2012). This led to Greece experiencing a transformation in regard to its occupational structure. Occupations such as manufacturing and small trading that characterised the traditional family are on the decline. On the other hand occupations such as salaried clerical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas ( Style Is Essay)
The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas ( Style Is Essay.
“The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas ( Style Is Essay”, n.d.
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