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Ultural concerns and influences - Research Paper Example

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The different constructive elements, which constitute the American culture and the American characteristics, differentiate them from their neighbors, European nations and other countries of the world…
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Ultural concerns and influences
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Download file to see previous pages But, it is observed that the culture which is in maximum contact with American society is the African culture. The ethnicity of US society is a collection of different ethnic group due to migration issue. America is like a boiling pot which mixes the diverse ethnicity and race within the society. Another important feature of the American culture is its plurality and unity. So, American culture can be termed as a new way of living due to collection of different value system, historical background, geography, norms and immigration issues (Constructive Elements of American Culture, n.d.). Owing to these reasons for understanding this culture and society requires studying of human process and about the culture of the immigrants. This influx of immigrants to US is posing as a major challenge for CJS or criminal justice system. It is also evident that little attention about the criminal justice system had been paid by the social science researcher on the issue of immigrants. Recently conducted researches also revealed cultural diversity is one of the major concerns of the criminal justice professionals. ...
It may be the climate, geography, community size, and its economic position - agrarian, service and industry. This ecological factor lays a major impact on the culture and history of the community. In small communities, which is based on agrarian occupation an immediate link between the community members and the criminal justice official is present due to their social affiliation. In this kind of scenario most of the problems are resolved informally rather than following formal procedures. On the other hand, the industrial ecology brings in immigrants with different set of values which contradicts with the local inhabitants. This complex situation creates a heterogeneous environment for criminal justice system. Large communities of urban industrial origin also create much more complexity for the criminal justice professionals. It is owing to the fact values and demands of community members differ and that is why the service expected by them from criminal justice system varies greatly. These results in incorporation of bureaucracy within the system in a large extent and the officials may not be easily available also for personally meeting the community members. Geographical condition also creates social problems, for example in Las Vegas many drifters, criminals and tourists come in search of excitement. On the other hand illegal immigration problems persist in Texas, California and border of Mexico. This helps to understand the uniqueness of the problem faced by the criminal justice system. Political condition also affects the criminal justice system. As for example, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is an organized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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