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Women and Their Issues with Body Image - Literature review Example

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The paper "Women and Their Issues with Body Image" describes that mass media influence and peer pressure or competition have also taken the cue and become major conveyors of such norms and therefore promoting acceptance among girls and women on certain elements of body image…
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Women and Their Issues with Body Image
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Extract of sample "Women and Their Issues with Body Image"

Download file to see previous pages The American Psychological Association has identified the issue of body image as one of the top concerns among women and teenage girls.
Morover, Doeschka & Rutger (2010) observe that many children in the west are increasingly becoming obsessed with the body image issue at a surprisingly tender age. Women have always remained sensitive to issues concerning their body looks and many are often dissatisfied on how they look even though it might look normal to their male counterparts. Consequently, the issue of body image dissatisfaction among the womenfolk is one of the major concerns that society has to conclusively explore. There are several research papers that have focused on the subject matter of this paper and this has been done through various dimensions that will be the subject of this paper’s discussion.
Rierdan & Koff (1997) have extensively studied the relationship between under or overweight among early adolescent girls and their linkage to depression. The general observation by the writers has been that there is a high likelihood of depressive symptoms being reported among those with negative body weight images. The use of the Beck Depression inventory has enabled the determination of such findings. It helps to determine the dimensions of the negative body image by classifying the associated issues into four categories namely: “self-reported weight, subjective classification (very underweight or very overweight), satisfaction with weight and concerns about weight” (Rierdan & Koff, 1997).
Another important aspect that influences this relationship is that of the correlation between body image and personality. It is notable that the issue of negative body image or otherwise, positive imaging is a matter of an individual’s conscious as well as unconscious understanding or perception.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Women and Their Issues with Body Image Literature review.
(Women and Their Issues With Body Image Literature Review)
Women and Their Issues With Body Image Literature Review.
“Women and Their Issues With Body Image Literature Review”.
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