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Devils Advocate - Essay Example

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In every organization, the key aim is to display its products as having the potentiality to satisfy the consumer needs over any of its competitor’s products. In this sense, companies engage in wide and varied forms of advertising which has usually seen them apply bodily…
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Devils Advocate
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Extract of sample "Devils Advocate"

Devil’s Advocate In every organization, the key aim is to display its products as having the potentiality tosatisfy the consumer needs over any of its competitor’s products. In this sense, companies engage in wide and varied forms of advertising which has usually seen them apply bodily appearances of ladies especially on their products. However, the key issue is to understand the positive effects of the body standards in advertising (Shah & Alan 918).
First, the presentation of a well maintained body standard by the model whose image appears on the product will help sell the products since; consumers will buy self-esteem as will be shown in the advert. The main theme for a consumer would be to relate the attainment of highest self-esteem standards by the use of the product. This zeros in on whether the same is applied on the image. For instance, consumers may shy off from an advert in which the model has a low self-esteem of herself if modesty is not appropriately applied.
Second, by Coca Cola using beautiful ladies in advertising their products, the main aspects that emerge are those of a company highly considerate of selling quality. That is why they select on the best. Consequently, size matters a lot in the body image put on adverts, as the products would in most cases be associated with good health and prosperity if used by the consumer (Lin 40).
Finally, attainment of good body standards by the women is usually perceived as a key determinant in the sale of items as good looks usually creates the impression and illusion that the associated products are also of good quality. Hence, most people have always bought items just because the company used good body images of high quality to market the products and have the models appear as having good body standards.
However, in the negative side, the use of body standards in advertising as has been used by Coca Cola may have diverse negative effects on the society with regard to how the company is perceived. One main way by which the adverts have greatly affected consumers in the negative perspective is to have them appear and feel insecure about their own bodies. As such, most women tend to copy the bodily image shown in a bid to appear as them but, instead they end up being emancipated. Negative body standard of the image arises when the society is made to believe that they can only be good looking by enjoying certain products or appearing as the models whose images are on the products.
Currently, the society in which we live in is too obsessed by the appearances, weight and body images to an extent that one’s own body may be perceived as its own enemy. This has totally distorted the appreciation people especially females had of their bodies. In most of the adverts put by Coca Cola, the perception becomes that of an ideal body of a feminine must just be tight, bolted and round. However, this should not be the case and the company should stop perceiving negatively the body of women from an objectified view (Lin 75). This objectification by the media and most companies should be stopped as it robs the women in the society of their self-expression and true identity. As is widely seen, the highly influential groups in the society are the ones who exert the ideals of beauty based on body standards thus, enforcing the trends on women. Advertising should not always be used to negatively impact on the good ideals of society despite having genuine reasons to achieve set sales standards.
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